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Release Exterior Formulas

Release Exterior -> Expel Wind Cold

Ma Huang Tang "Ephedra Decoction"
key Sx: Excess W/C with NO sweating, P:floating tight
Gui Zhi Tang "Cinnamon Twig Decoction"
key Sx: Deficient W/C with sweating, P: floating slow
Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang "Nine herb decoction with Notopterygium"
key Sx: W-C-Damp with interior heat, h/a w/out sweating
Nickname: "Jubilee Qiang Huo Town"
Xiang Su San "Cyprus and Perilla leaf powder"
key Sx: W/C, w/out sweating, qi stag in chest/epigastria, poor appetite
Xiao Qing Long Tang "Minor blue-green dragon decoction"
key Sx: aversion to cold, fever w/out sweating, cough, wheezing, profuse watery phlegm
Zhi Sou San "Stop coughing powder"
key Sx: cough, itchy throat, aversion to wind, fever
Xiang Ru San "Elsholtzia Powder"
key Sx: Yin Summer Heat Syndrome (exterior cold w/ interior damp invading in summer)

Release Exterior -> Expel Wind Heat
Yin Qiao San "Honeysuckle and Forsythia Decoction"
key Sx: External W-H attack, obstructed in LU and defensive stage
Sang Ju Yin "Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Decoction"
key Sx: Release exterior W-H and stops cough, facilitates flow of Lu qi
Ma Huang Xing Ren Gan Cao Shi Gao Tang "Ephedra, Apricot Kernel, Gypsum, and Licorice Decoction"
key Sx: External W-H attack with excessive heat accumulation in LU
Chai Ge Jie Ji Tang "Bupleurum and Kudzu Decoction to Release the Muscle Layer"
Action: Release pathogenic factor from the muscle layer and clears interior heat
Key Sx: Aversion to cold getting milder, fever getting more severe, no sweating, headache. When interior heat starts you can also see painful eyes, dry nose, restlessness, insomnia, dry throat, deafness, thin yellow tongue coat, floating and slightly flooded pulse
Sheng Ma Ge Gen Tang "Cimicifuga and Kudzu Decoction"
Action: release the muscle layer and vents rashes
Indication: beginning of measles. Measles unable to vent, fever, headache, cough, red eyes with tears, thirst, red tongue with thin and dry coating, floating rapid pulse

Release Exterior -> with Interior Deficiency
Bai Du San "Overcome Pathogenic Influences"
key Sx: Qi deficiency with external wind-cold damp attack...
Jing Fang Bai Du San "Shizonepetaand Ledebouriella Powder to Overcome Pathogenic Influences"
Action: Release exterior, disperse W-C-D. Stronger expelling W-C than Bai Du San but with no vital qi enhancement.
Shen Su Yin "Ginseng and Perilla Leaf Decoction"
Syndrome: Exterior wind invasion with Qi/Yang deficiency
Action: Tonifies Qi / Yang, release exterior, regulate qi, resolve phlegm
Ma Huang Fu Zi Xi Xin Tang "Ephedra, Asarum, and Prepared Aconite Decoction"
Action: Assists the yang and release exterior W-C; helps with cold damage to the LU/KD (sudden loss of voice, hoarse voice, sore throat)
Zai Zao San "Renewal Powder"
Action: Tonifies the yang, augments the qi, induces sweating, and releases the exterior. Best for W/C invasion w/out sweating, with yang deficiency (cold limbs, fatigue, sleepy, pale face, weak voice, deep weak pulse)
Jia Jian Wei Rui Tang "Modified Polygonatum Odoratum"
Syndrome: Exterior wind invasion with yin/blood deficiency
Action: Nourishes yin, clears heat, induces sweating, and releases exterior. For W/H invasion with yin deficiency signs.
Cong Bai Qi Wei Yin "Scallion Decoction with Seven Ingredients"
Action: Blood def w/ exterior cold

Drain Downward Formulas

Drain Downward: Purge Heat Accumulation

Da Cheng Qi Tang "Major Order of the Qi Decoction"
key Sx: Heat Excess combination in ST and LI (Constipation, Abdominal distension and pain with tenderness, afternoon tidal fever, thirst with great desire to drink, delerium, frequent gas, continuous sweating of limbs, T: red tongue with prickles, yellow dry or black dry coat , P: deep and forceful)
Xiao Cheng Qi Tang key Sx: Mild type of Yangming Fu organ excess (delirium, tidal fever, constipation, fullness and opressed in abdomen, dark yellow tongue coat, slippery fast pulse, beginning of dysentery, abdominal distension pain, tenesmus)
Components: Da Huang 4pc, Huo Po 2pc, Zhi Shi 3pc
Tiao Wei Cheng Qi Tang key Sx: Yangming ST and LI dryness heat syndrome (constipation, thirst, restlessness, steaming fever, abdominal distension and pain, delirium, yellow tongue coat, slippery rapid pulse, macula, vomiting blood, swollen gums and tonsils)
Components: Da Huang 4pc, Mang Xiao half shen, Gan Cao 2pc
Fu Fang Da Cheng Qi Tang Action: purge downward, move qi, quicken blood
Indication: Fu-organ excess with obvious qi obstruction
Da Huang Mu Dan Tang "Rhubarb and Mountain Decoction"
key Sx: Beginning of Intestinal carbuncle with damp-heat accumulation syndrome (right lower abdominal pain, T: greasy coat, P: slippery rapid)

Drain Downward: Purge Cold Coagulation
Da Huang Fu Zi Tang "Rhubarb and prepared Aconite decoction"
key Sx: Cold Excess Accumulation Syndrome (hypochodria pain, abdominal pain, constipation, aversion to cold, fever w/out sweating, cough, wheezing, profuse watery phlegm, T: white greasy coat, P: wiry and tight)
Wen Pi Tang "Warm the SP decoction"
key Sx: SP Yang deficiency, Cold Coagulation, Cold obstructed Interior (abdominal pain around umbilicus, constipation, cold extremities, white tongue coating, no thirst, deep wiry slow pulse)
San Wu Bei Ji Wan "Three Substance Pill for Emergencies"
key Sx: Emergency interior cold excess with abdominal pain

Drain Downward: Moisten Purgation
Ma Zi Ren Wan key Sx: ST LI dryness heat, SP restrained constipation (constipation, frequent urination, thin yellow tongue coating, lack of fluid)
Ji Chuan Jian "Support Reverse Decoction"
key Sx: Constipation due to KD deficiency (profuse urination, constipation, pale tongue with white coat, deep slow pulse, weakness and soreness in knees and lumbar region, dizziness)

Drain Downward: Drive out Excess Water
Shi Zao Tang Action: Extreme Water Retention (headache, vertigo, cough with chest pain, short of breath, hardness in epigastria, nausea, abdominal distension, edema especially in lower body)
Xin Jia Huang Long Tang Action: Purge heat, promote defecation, nourish yin and tonify qi (constipation, blackish yellow tongue coating, fatigue, SOB, dry lips, throat and tongue)
Nickname: "Nin-jia Yellow's long pootie (tang)"
Zeng Ye Cheng Qi Tang Action: Nourish yin, increase body fluid, purge heat, and promote defecation (dry stools, constipation, dry lips, yellow tongue, thin rapid pulse)

Harmonizing Formulas

Harmonizing -> Shao Yang

Xiao Chai Hu Tang "Minor Bupleurum Formula"
key Sx: Alternating chills and fever, chest and hypochondria distension pain, depression, dry throat, vertigo, restlessness, bitter taste and nausea, poor appetite (T: thin white coat, P: wiry)
Action: Harmonize Shao Yang, Regulte ST and GB
Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang "Artemisia annua and Scutellaria Decoction to clear the gallbladder"
Key Sx: Alternating chills and fever, fever > chills, bitter taste, acid reflux, yellow saliva, hypochondriac pain, water metabolism problems, scanty yellow urine (T: red body with white greasy coat, P: rapid and slippery on Rt, Wiry on Left)
Action: Treats Shao Yang Syndrome (as above) with Damp-Heat.

Harmonizing -> LV and SP
Si Ni San quot;Frigid Extremities Powder"
Key Sx: Cold extremities, LV/SP qi stagnation (Hypochondria distension, epigastria pain, wiry pulse)
Action: Soothe LV, regulate SP, disperse obstructed qi

Chai Hu Shu Gan San

"Chai Hu's Shoe Gone Sailing"
key Sx: LV qi stagnation without SP/blood deficiency (hypochondria pain, oppressed chest, sighing, irritability, abdominal distension, P: wiry)
Action: Soothe LV qi, move blood, alleviate pain
Ingredients: Si Ni San +xiang fu, +chuan xiong, +chen pi
Xiao Yao San "Rambling Powder; Free and Easy Wanderer"
Action: soothe liver, relieve qi stagnation, strengten SP, nourish blood
key Sx: LV qi stagnation with SP/blood deficiency
   - LV qi stag (hypochondriac pain, vertigo, irregular menses, P: wiry)
   - SP def (fatigue and poor appetite, P: weak)
   - Blood Def (dry mouth and throat, P: deficient)
Jia Wei Xiao Yao San "Free and Easy Wanderer Plus"
Components: Xiao Yao San plus Dan Pi, Zhi Zi
Key Sx: As Xiao Yao San, but with heat (when stagnation is transforming into heat)
Action: Clear Liver, Regulate blood and menstruation
Hei Xiao Yao San "Black Rambling Powder"
Components: Xiao Yao San plus Sheng Di or Shu Di
Key Sx: LV/SP blood deficieny, dysmenorrhea, P: weak/wiry
Action: Soothe LV, strengthen SP, nourish blood and regulate menses
Tong Xie Yao Fang "Painful Diarrhea Essential Formula"
Key Sx: LV/SP disharmony with painful diarrhea (borborygmus, abdominal pain with diarrhea, pain relieved after defecation, P: wiry on the left, slow on the right)
Action: tonify SP, soften LV, eliminate damp, stop diarrhea

Harmonizing -> Regulate Heat and Cold
Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang "Pinellia Decoction to Drain the Epigastrium"
key Sx: Heat & Cold mix with Ascending Descending Disorder (fullness, distension in epigastria, vomiting, diarrhea, T: yellow greasy coat)
Action: Harmonize the ST, directs rebellious qi downward, disperses clumping, and eliminates focal distension
Sheng Jiang Xie Xin Tang Components: Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang (remove Gan jiang, add Sheng Jiang)
Key Sx: Water / Heat combination syndrome (distension and hardness in epigastria, belching with smelling, thunder sound in abdomen, diarrhea)
Action: Regulate ST, reduce distension, disperse water
Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang Components: Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang (increase dosage of Zhi Gan Cao)
Key Sx: ST qi deficiency with distension syndrome (diarrha 10 times per day, with undigested food, thunder in abdomen, distension and fullness in abdomen, nausea, restlessness)
Action: Regulate ST, tonify middle jiao, descend ST qi to eliminate distension
Huang Lian Tang Components: Huang Lian Tang (Ban Xia Xie XIn Tang, add Huang Lian and Gui Zhi but remove Huang Qin)
Key Sx: Upper Heat with Lower Cold syndrome (Chest epigastria distension, restlessness heat, nausea, abdominal pain, borborygmus, diarrhea, T: white slipppery coat, P: wiry)
Action: Regulate heat and cold; descend ST qi

Harmonizing -> Release Exterior and Interior (Syndrome in both exterior and interior)
Da Chai Hu Tang "Major Bupleurum Decoction"
key Sx: Shao Yang + Yang Ming (alternating chills and fever, fullness, and distension in chest and hypochondria, distension pain in epigastria, vomiting, constipation, T: yellow coat, P: wiry rapid and forceful)
Action: harmonize Shao Yang, purge interior heat
Fang Feng Tong Sheng San Key Sx: Wind Heat accumulation in both interior and exterior
Action: Disperse wind, release exterior, clear heat, promote defecation
Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang Key Sx: Heat diarrhea
Action: Release exterior, clear interior heat

Clear Heat Formulas

Clear Heat -> Qi Stage

Bai Hu Tang "Gypsum Combination" - "White tiger decoction"
key Sx: Yangming Channel Heat (great heat/thirst/sweat/pulse)
Action: Clear heat, promote body fluids
Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang key Sx: For injury to the qi and fluids characterized by fever, thirst, profuse sweating, generalized weakness, and P: large, forceless)
Bai hu Jia Gui Zhi Tang key Sx: For wind-damp heat painful obstruction characterized by high fever, sweating, irritability, thirst, pain and swelling of the joints, (T: white coat, P: wiry rapid). Also for Malaria.
Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang "Bamboo Leaves and Gypsum Combination"
Key Sx: later stage qi level heat with qi and fluid injury (fever, sweating, SOB, fatigue, restlessness, thirst, nausea, T: red with little coat, P: weak/ rapid)
Action: clear heat, promote body fluid, tonify qi and regulate ST

Clear Heat-> Ying and Blood levels
Qing Ying Tang "Clear the Nutritive (Ying) level decoction"
Key Sx: Heat transmitted to Ying Stage (severe night fever, no thirst, restlessness, insomnia, sometimes delerium, macula scattered, thirst, T: dry deep and red, P: thin and rapid)
Action: clear heat and detoxification, penetrate heat and nourish yin

Xi Jiao Di huang Tang

key Sx: Heat in Blood stage (high fever, restlessness, bleeding, coma, delirium, vomiting blood, nose bleed, bloody urine or stools, dark purple rashes, thirst w/out desire to drink, P: thin rapid, T: crimson with prickles)
Action: Clears heat fire detoxification, cool bloods, dissipates blood stagnation, and stops bleeding
Components: Xi Jiao, Sheng Di Huang, Mu Dan Pi, Shao Yao
Remember: When the Rhino had the Shame of Juan like Mu Dan Pi he grabbed a Shao Yao to clean up the mess.

Clear Heat -> Clear heat and detoxification
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang "Detoxify three burners formula"
key Sx: San Jiao excessive fire toxins (high fever, restlessness, dry mouth, T: red with yellow coat, P: rapid and forceful)
Action: Drain fire and detoxification
Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin "Universal benefit decoction to eliminate toxins"
Key Sx: Wind-heat toxin in upper jiao (swollen in face, aversion to cold, fever, T: red with yellow coat)
Action: Expel wind pathogen, clear heat and detoxifcation
Liang Ge San "Forsythia and Rhubarb formula"
Key Sx: Heat in all three Jiaos (lower: constipation, middle: red complexion, dry lips, thirst, vomit blood, upper: chest heat and restlessness, ulceration in mouth, sore throat)
Action: Drain fire and promote defecation, clear the upper and purge
Nickname: "Lion Guessing"
Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin "Sublime formula for sustaining life"
Key Sx: Carbuncles and swelling due to yang syndrome pattern, feverish sensation
Action: Clear heat, detoxifcation, eliminate swollen and hardness, invigorate blood, relieve pain
Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin "Five ingredient decoction to eliminate carbuncles"
Key Sx: beginning of carbuncles (fever, aversion to cold, carbuncle has shape of grain, deep root)
Action: clear heat, detoxification, eliminate carbuncle

Clear Heat -> Zang-Fu organ heat
Dao Chi San "Rehmannia and Clematis Armandi Formula"
key Sx: Heart and Small Intestine channel heat (chest restless heat, thirst, red complexion, desire for cold drink, ulceration in mouth and tongue, dark scanty painful urination, T: red with yellow greasy coat, P: rapid) HT Fire Transferring to SI (dark urine with burning pain, T: red, P: rapid)
Action: clear heart, promote urination, nourish yin
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang "Gentiana Longdancao Decoction to Drain the Liver"
Key Sx: Liver fire flares upward, LV damp heat (hypochondria pain, headache, red eyes, bitter taste, deafness, swelling or itching in genitals, smelly leukorrhea, or menstrual irregularities in women, hot painful difficult urination that is dark yellow and smelly, along with other conditions that affect the external genitalia (herpes, eczema, tinea) T: red with yellow greasy coat, P: wiry rapid)
Action: Clear LV/GB excessive fire, drain heat from lower jiao

Zuo Jin Wan

Key Sx: LV qi stagnation transformed into fire (hypochondria pain, bitter taste, T: red with yellow coat, P: wiry rapid), LV fire invading ST (upset in epigastria, acid regurgitation, vomiting)
Action: clear LV fire, descend vomiting
Remember: Zorro's little helper, Zuo Jin Wan, was a firefighting fox who could magically transform his LV Qi stag into fire. He was so tough that it took 6 yellow lions to take him down (6:1 ratio)
Ingredients: Huang lian 9g, Wu Zhu Yu 1.5g
Important: The ratio of Huang Lian to Wu Zhu Yu is (6:1 ratio)
Qian Jin Wei Jing Tang Key Sx: LU abscess (slight fever, cough with chest pain, yellow sticky phlegm, or with pus or blood)
Action: clear Lu heat, resolve phlegm, eliminate blood stasis
Nickname: "Coin Fluid Wager Time"

Xie Bai San

Key Sx: Residual heat in LU causing qi to rebel (cough, wheeze, heat in skin, severe in afternoon from 3-5pm, dry mouth and throat, T: red with yellow coat, P: thin rapid)
Action: clear LU heat, calms wheezing and cough
Qing Wei San "Clear the Stomach Powder"
Key Sx: Accumulate heat in ST transformed into Fire and flaring upwards (smelly mouth, dry mouth, toothache causes headache, fever in cheeks, teeth prefer cold and aversion to heat, bleeding gums, swollen cheeks, ulceration in gums, T: red with yellow coat, P: slippery rapid)
Action: Drain ST fire, cool blood, nourish Yin
Yu Nu Jian "Jade lady Decoction"
Key Sx: ST yin deficiency with heat (ST heat: headache, toothache, bleeding gums; Deficient Shao Yin heat: loose teeth, restlessness, heat, thirst, T: red with yellow dry coat)
Action: Clear ST heat, nourish KD yin
Shao Yao Tang "Peony Decoction"
Key Sx: Damp Heat Diarrhea (abdominal pain, tenesmus, diarrhea with blood and pus, burning anus, concentrated urine, T: yellow greasy coat)
Action: Clear heat, dry dampness, regulate qi and blood
Bai Tou Weng Tang "Chinese Pulsatilla Combination"
Key Sx: Heat Toxin Dysentery (Abdominal pain, tenesmus, burning anus, more bleeding than pus in stools, thirst, T: red with yellow coat, P: wiry rapid)
Action: Clear heat toxin, cool blood, stop dysentery

Clear Heat -> Clear deficient heat
Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang Syndrome: Late stage of warm disease, pathogenic heat hidden in Yin aspects, fluid has been damaged
key Sx: Fever at night but cool in the morning, no sweating after fever gone, T: red with little coating, P: thin rapid
Action: Nourishes the yin and vents heat
Nickname: "king how bit a jap tongue"
Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang Action: Tonify qi and defensive qi, nourish yin, purge fire
Nickname: "Angel's Loose Yellow Tongue"
Lan Shi Mi Cang Action: Nourish yin, purge fire; consolidate exterior to stop sweating
Nickname: "Lay'n on sheep wool by the fire makes me hot but it helps to Consolidate-Against-Not-Good sweat pathogens"
Qing Gu San "Cool the bone powder"
Action: Clears heat from deficiency and alleviates steaming bone disorder
Nickname: "King Gusan has steaming bones with deficient heat"

Clear Heat -> Clear Summer Heat
Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin key Sx: Wind cold attack during summer (aversion to cold, fever, no sweating, restlessness, thirst, red complexion) with dampness (heaviness in body, chest, epigastria). T: white w/ greasy coat, floating rapid pulse.
Action: Expel summer heat, release exterior, clear heat and resolve dampness
Nickname: "When the wind cold damp storms attacked during the summer, Ninja Johnny Ru loved to watch Hou Po dance..."
.... Xiang Ru San Action: as above (Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin) and regulates middle jiao
Ingredients: Xiang Ru, Hou Po, Bai Bian Dou
Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang Key Sx: Summer heat has damaged the qi, yin, and fluids (feverish sensation, restlessness, fatigue, SOB, lassitude, heavy sweating, thirst, concentrated urine, P: rapid and weak)
Action: Clears sumer heat, augments the qi, nourishes the yin, and generates fluid
Nickname: "King Shu's Yin and Qi decoction"
CC: Not suitable for summer heat with damp
Liu Yi San Action: Summer heat with damp (clears summer heat, resolves damp, augments the qi)
Key facts: The ratio of Hua Shi to Gan Cao is 6 to 1
Nickname: "Liu's Yin Powder" is for summer heat with damp
.... Yi Yuan San Action: Clear Heart, eliminate summer heat, calm shen
Ingredients: Liu Yi San + Zhu Sha, Deng Xin Cao
.... Bi Yu San Action: Clear summer heat with damp, and LV/GB heat
Ingredients: Liu Yi San + Qing Dai
.... Ji Su San Action: Clear summer heat with damp, and slight aversion to wind-cold: head distension pain, cough
Ingredients: Liu Yi San + Bo He
Gui Ling Gan Lu Yin Action: Clear summer heat with damp, transform qi and damp (fever, headache, restlessness, thirst desire for water, difficult urination, diarrhea, vomiting)
Nickname: "Guilding GanLu" was a camel with summer heat and damp
Qing Luo Yin Action: mild summer heat attacking LU channel in qi stage (expel and penetrate summer heat)
Nickname: "King LoYin was LoVin' the summer heat a little too much, and so he got mild summer heat)

Warm Interior Cold Formulas

Warm Interior Cold -> Middle Jiao Deficient Cold

Li Zhong Wan "Lee's song wand"
Middle-Jiao deficient cold (with SP Yang Deficiency)
Action: Warm middle jiao to expel cold, Tonify qi to strengthen SP Yang
Key Sx: Cold limbs, Poor appetite, N&V, diarrhea, convulsion, bleeding, chest pain (T: pale with white moistening coating) (P: thin or deep slow weak pulse)
Xiao Jian Zhong Tang "Minor Cinnamon Peony Combination"
Middle-Jiao deficient cold (with LV / SP disharmony, Yang deficiency with cold, and yin and blood deficiency)
Action: warm and tonify the middle jiao, moderate painful spasms
Key Sx: Abdominal pain, prefer warmth and pressure, palpitations, pale complexion, restlessness, fever in palms, dry mouth and throat (T: Pale, thin wiry pulse)
CC: Not for vomiting with middle jiao excess

.... Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang

Action: warm and tonify the middle jiao, moderate painful spasms
Ingredients: Xiao Jian Zhong Tang +Huang Qi
.... Dang Gui Jian Zhong Tang
Action: Warm and tonify qi and blood, moderates spasmodic abdominal pain
Ingredients: Xiao Jian Zhong Tang +Dang Gui
.... Da Jian Zhong Tang
Action: Warm and tonify the middle jiao, descend upward flowing cold, stop pain
Ingredients: Yi Tang, Shu Jiao, Gan Jiang, Ren Shen

Wu Zhu Yu Tang

Syndrome: LV / ST deficient cold, turbid yin flows upwards
Action: Warm and tonify LV and ST, directs rebellious qi downward, and stops vomiting
Key Sx: vertex headache worsen at midnight, better in the morning, with vomiting, cold limbs, vomiting saliva, (T:pale with white slippery coating, P: wiry slow )
Remember: "Wu Zhu Yu the fox developed turbid yin and LV/ST def. cold when he stopped firefighting."
Warm Interior Cold -> Rescue Devastated Yang (HT and KD Yang)
Si Ni Tang "Frigid Extremities Decoctions" (see also, vs. Si Ni San)
Syndrome: HT and KD Yang collapse
Action: Rescues devastated yang, warms the middle jiao, stops diarrhea
Key Sx: Cold extremities, sleepy, lassitude (T: pale with white coating), (P: thin, faint)
Remember: "Si Ni Tang for HT/KD Yang"
.... Tong Mai Si Ni Tang Ingredients: Si Ni Tang with increased dose of Gan Jiang and Fu Zi, and +Zhu Dan Zhi
.... Si Ni Jia Ren Shen Tang Ingredients: Si Ni Tang +Ren Shen
.... Bai Tong Tang Ingredients: Cong Bai, Gan Jiang, Fu Zi, Zhu Dan Zhi, Ren Niao

Warm the Channels and Disperse Cold
Dang Gui Si Ni Tang "Angel Si Ni Tang"
Syndrome: Cold direct attack
Key Sx: Cold extremities, (T pale with white coat, P: thin and imperceptible)
Application: Bi Syndrome, Cold skin/purplish dark skin, Jue Yin LV channel cold syndrome
Remember: "For direct cold attack get Angel Si Ni Tang"
.... Dang Gui Si Ni Jia Wu Zhu Yu Tang Ingredients: Dang Gui Si Ni Tang +Wu Zhu Yu, +Sheng Jiang
.... Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Tang
Ingredients: Huang Qi, Gui Zhi, Shao Yao, Sheng Jiang, Da Zao
Yang He Tang "Yang Heartening Decoction"
Syndrome: Yin Necrosis
Action: Warms the yang, tonifies the blood, disperses cold, and unblocks areas of stagnation
Key Sx: swellings without heads that blend into the surrounding tissue and do not affect the texture or color of the skin, no heat (P: slow deep weak)

Tonify Qi Formulas

Tonify Qi

Si Jun Zi Tang "Four gentlemen Formula"
Action: Tonify qi and strengthen SP
Key Sx: pale complexion, low voice, fatigue, poor appetite, loose stools, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, easily catches cold, hypochondriac discomfort, (T: pale with white coat, P: weak)
.... Yi Gong San Action: tonify qi, strengthen SP, move qi
Key Sx: poor appetite, loose stools, epigastria oppressed
Ingredients: Si Jun Zi Tang + Chen Pi
Remember: When the four gentlemen added a chimpanzee driver to their carriage they said "Git Yi Gong, lets move some qi now and go eat!"
.... Liu jun Zi Tang
Nickname: "Loogie Jun Zi tang" (as above, but for phlegm)
Action: tonify qi, strengthen SP, resolve phlegm
Key Sx:SP/ST qi deficiency with phlegm (poor appetite, loose stools, epigastria oppressed, vomiting)
Ingredients: Si Jun Zi Tang + Chen Pi, Ban Xia
.... Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang
Action: tonify qi, strengthen SP, move qi, resolve phlegm
Key Sx: vomiting, epigastria oppressed, poor appetite, abdominal distension, fatigue
Ingredients: Liu Jun Zi Tang + Mu Xiang, Sha Ren, Sheng Jiang
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San "Shen Lingers Buy You Sand"
Action: tonify qi, strengthen SP, eliminate damp and stop diarrhea
Key Sx: SP def. w/ excess damp (fatigue, pale complexion, thin body, borborygmus, loose stools, epigastria oppressed, poor digestion)
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang "Buy you some yellow qi formula if your SP qi is sinking"
Syndrome: SP deficiency with qi sinking
Action: tonify middle jiao, lift yang qi sinking
Key Sx: SP def w/ qi sinking (poor appetite, loose stools, SOB with no desire to speak, fatigue, pale complexion, rectocele, prolapsed uterus, chronic diarrhea, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis) (P: weak)
Sheng Mai San "Shen + Mai Sand makes you lazy"
Syndrome: Summer heat leads to heavy sweating OR chronic cough with LU deficiency
Action: tonify qi and generate body fluid, astringe yin to stop sweating
Key Sx 1) Summer Heat: fatigue, SOB, heavy sweating, dry throat, thirst, (T: red with little coat) (P: weak, rapid)
Key Sx 2) LU deficiency: dry throat and mouth, fatigue, SOB, non-productive cough or with little phlegm, cough with sweating (P: thin weak)
.... Ren Shen Ge Jie San Action: tonify LU and KD to stop cough and wheeze
Ingredients: Ge Jie, Gan Cao, Xing Ren, Ren Shen, Fu Ling, Bei Mu, Sang Bai Pi, Zhi Mu
Yu Ping Feng San "Jade Screen"
Syndrome: Exterior deficiency syndrome
Action: tonify qi to strengthen defensive layer, consolidate exterior to stop sweating
Key Sx: spontaneous sweating, aversion to wind, pale complexion, (T: pale) (P: weak)

Tonify Blood Formulas

Tonify Blood

Si Wu Tang Remember: "Yes Wood Formula" tonifies LV blood def
Action: Tonify blood, LV blood deficiency
Key Sx: Blood deficiency (pale, palps, dizzy), Irritability, dysmenorrhea, irregular menses, P: thin wiry or choppy, T: pale
.... Jiao Ai Tang Remember: "Owie Formula" stops bleeding, nourishes blood... calms fetus
Action: Nourish blood, stop bleeding, regulate mentruation, calm fetus
Ingredients: Chuan Xiong, E Jiao, Gan Cao, Ai Ye, Dang Gui, Shao Yao, Shu Di Huang
.... Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Remember: "Si Wu Tang plus Hong Hua and Tao Ren regulates/nourishes blood"
Action: Nourish blood and regulate blood
Ingredients: Si Wu Tang +Tao Ren, +Hong Hua
Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang Remember: "Angel ghost blood formula" for blood def w/ floating yang
Syndrome: Blood deficiency with Yang floating, Yin/Blood deficiency
Key Sx: fever, thirst for warm water, red complexion, floating yang (P: flooding, large) with yang damaged while floating outwards (P: weak), defensive qi leaking: sweating
Action: tonify qi and generate blood; consolidate exterior to keep yang
Notes: similar to Bai hu Tang
Gui Pi Tang "Restore the Spleen Decoction"
Action: Tonify qi and blood; Nourish HT and strenghtens SP
Key Sx: SP Qi w/ HT blood/yin deficiency (fatigue, poor memory, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, poor sleep, dream disturbed sleep, poor appetite, sallow complexion, withdrawal) and SP Qi deficiency NOT controlling blood (early periods w/ excess blood loss, continuous spotting (metrostaxis), blood in stool, leukorrhea, metrorrhagia (uterine bleeding at irregular intervals))

Nourish Yin Formulas

Nourish Yin Formulas

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan Nickname: "Uncle Liu Wei's Shoe Soup"
Syndrome: LV / KD Yin Deficiency
Action: nourish LV and KD
Key Sx: Essence Insufficiency (weak knees, lumbar, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, painful heel bones), deficient heat (dry throat, steaming bone, tidal fever, night sweating, spermatorrhea, toothache, thirst), T: red w/ little coat P: thin/rapid
.... Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan Remember: The famous "bird(zhi) white... yellow wand" immediately puts out yin deficient fire and steaming bone with night sweats and painful knees and back...
Action: Nourish yin and extinguish fire
Indication: yin deficiency with fire, steaming bone, tidal fever, night sweating, soreness and pain in lumbar and knees, spermatorrhea
Ingredients: Liu Wei di Huang Wan +Zhi Mu, +Huang Bai

.... Qi Ju Di Huang Wan

Remember: The "Qi Jedi's Yellow Wand" will brighten your eyes and it makes trees grow (LV) instantly if there's water (KD) nearby... if you don't have water you can use tears from wind blowing.
Action: Nourish LV and KD; brighten eyes
Indications: LV / KD yin deficiency with blurred eyes, dry eyes, tears due to wind blowing
Ingredients: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan +Gou Qi Zi, +Ju Hua

.... Du Qi Wan

aka: Qi Wei Du Qi Wan
Indication: Wheezing or retching due to KD deficiency
Action: nourish yin to absorb qi
Ingredients: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan +Wu Wei Zi
.... Mai Wei Di Huang Wan aka: Ba Xian Chang Sou Wan
Nickname: "My way or the Highway"
Indication: Wheezing or retching due to LU-KD yin deficiency
Action: nourish LU and KD
Ingredients: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan +Mai Dong , +Wu Wei Zi
.... (Ba Xian Chang Shou Wan) as above... Ba Xian Chang Shou Wan *is just another tricky name for* Mai Wei Di Huang Wan

Zuo Gui Wan

Indication: yin deficiency, dizziness, weak lumbar and knees, spermatorrhea, night sweats, dry throat and mouth (T: red w/ little coat) (P: floating)
Ingredients: Shu Di Huang, Shan Yao, Shan Zhu Yu, Gou Qi Zi, Lu Jiao Jiao, Gui Jiao, Chuan Niu Xi, Tu Si Zi
CC: For short term use only. Switch it to Liu Wei Di Huang Wan later... can cause SP deficiency, abdominal distension, loose stools
Da Bu Yin Wan Remember: Starvation at Fort "Da Bu Yin Wan"
Syndrome: Yin deficiency with fire, LV/KD yin deficiency with heat generation (steaming bones, tidal fever, night sweating, spermatorrhea, painful knees), Deficient fire flaring up (cough with blood disturbing heart: insomnia, restlessness)
Action: nourish yin and extinguish fire
Key Sx: steaming bones, tidal fever, (T: red with little coat), (P: rapid and forceful)
Yi Guan Jian Nickname - "Iguana John"
Syndrome: LV/KD Yin deficiency with LV qi stagnation
Action: nourish yin and soothe LV
Key Sx: LV qi stag (chest, hypochondriac pain, hernia pain), Liver Yu transforms into fire and invades ST (acid reflux, bitter taste), Yin deficiency with internal heat (dry mouth and throat, T: lack of moisture, P: weak or weak wiry)
Er Zhi Wan Remember: "Er.... say what?" said grandpa, who suffers from LV KD Yin deficiency with dizziness tinnitus and dry throat.
Indication: LV-KD Yin deficiency (dizziness, tinnitus, dry throat, sore knees and lumbar, large menstruation)
Action: tonify KD and LV, nourish yin, stop bleeding
Ingredients: Nu Zhen Zi, Han Lian Cao
Shi Hu Ye Guang Wan Remember: "She Wolf's eyes gone wong" due to old age and LV / KD yin deficiency
Indication: blurring eyes due to LV and KD yin deficiency
Action: nourish KD yin, clear LV, brighten eyes
Bu Fei E Jiao Tang Remember: Buffet eats jelly from a pediatric LU yin deficiency with heat.
Indication: pediatric LU yin deficiency with heat. Cough, wheezing, dry throat, little phlegm or with blood, T: red with little coat, P: thin / rapid
Action: nourish LU yin, clear heat, stop bleeding

Bai He Gu Jin Tang

Action: nourishes yin, moistens LU, transforms phlegm, stops cough, clears heat, cools blood.
Indication: LU and KD yin deficiency with deficient dry sore throat, cough and wheeze, may see blood soaked sputum, feverish feeling in palms and soles, night sweats, anxiety, irritability, thirst, fidgety, afternoon cheek flushing, light sleeps, sore back (T: red w/ scanty coat) (P: rapid - thin)
CC: in cases of diarrhea, abdominal distension and pain, poor appetite to SP deficiency

Mai Men Dong Tang

Action: Nourishes LU and ST yin, generates fluids, directs rebel qi downwards; tonifies qi, harmonize middle jiao
Indication: LU and ST Yin deficiency with rebellious qi and deficient qi (cough with sputum which is difficult to expectorate, or spitting of whitish frothy saliva, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, dry throat, lips, cankers, bad breath, thirst, a feverish sensation in the palms and soles (T: red with scanty coat, P: thin, weak, rapid)
CC: deficient cold

Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang

Action: nourishes Yin, clears LU, benefits throat
Indication: diptheria with yin deficiency (white membrane covering throat that is difficult to scrape off and affects breathing, sore swollen throat, hoarse voice, dry nose and lips, fever, breathing similar to wheezing, dry hacking cough, T: red dry, P: thin, weak, rapid)

Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin

Action: clear heat, eliminate phlegm, soothe liver, stop wind, anchors yang
Indication: Liver Yang rising with internal wind (headache, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, blurred vision, heat rising to head, tremors, twitching or spasms in the hands and feet, numbness of extremities, insomnia with many dreams, hypertension, hemiplegia, facial deviation (T: red, P: wiry rapid)

Nourish Yang Formulas

Nourish Yin Formulas

Shen Qi Wan Nickname: "Shen Qi Waning"
Remember: If you get Shen because your Qi is waning you might be getting Old and have some deficient heat...
Syndrome: LV / KD Yin Deficiency
Action: nourish LV and KD
Key Sx: Essence Insufficiency (weak knees, lumbar, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, painful heel bones), deficient heat (dry throat, steaming bone, tidal fever, night sweating, spermatorrhea, toothace, thirst), T: red w/ little coat P: thin/rapid
.... Jia Wei Shen Qi Wan Action: Warm K yang, promote urine to reduce edema
Ingredients: Shen Qi Wan, but Gui Zhi -> Rou Gui, and +Che Qian Zi, +Chuan Niu Xi

You Gui Wan

Remember: Cinnamon potion (rou gui) warms KD yang and tonifies essence
Action: Warm KD yang, tonify essence
Indications: KD yang deficiency, vital gate fire weakness, Old patient or chronic disease with fatigue, afraid of cold, cold limbs, weakness in lumbar, impotence, infertility, or loose stools, poor appetite, enuresis, (T: pale w/white coating, P: deep slow)
Ingredients: modified Shen Qi Wan. -3 draining herbs. +Du Zhong, +Lu Jiao Jiao, +Dang Gui, +Gou Qi Zi, and Gui Zhi is replaced with Rou Gui.

Tonify Qi and Blood Formulas

Tonify Qi and Blood Formulas

Zhi Gan Cao Tang Remember: "When the little cinnamon boy and ginger found honey potion they tonified qi, nourished yin, dredged yang for so long that ginger passed out and had to recover her pulse!"
Syndrome: HT / LU deficiency, Qi/Blood deficiency
Action: tonify qi, nourish yin, dredge yang, recover pulse
Key Sx: Palpitations, shortness of breath, intermittent pulse, LU atrophy, non-productive cough, thin body type, insomnia, night sweating, (T: dry thin with less coating) (P: weak rapid)

Ba Zhen Tang

Remember: "The Baaaah Zen formula tonifies qi and blood for the 4 gentlemen who live in the Yes Woods!""
Action: Tonfy qi and blood
Indication: Qi and Blood deficiency
Ingredients: Si Wu Tang + Si Jun Zi Tang
Tai Shan Pan Shi San Remember: "Tie Shan's son (makes) excess sound!.... won't someone feed him now to tonify his SP and nourish blood and calm fetus?"
Action: Tonfy SP, nourish blood and fetus
Indications: miscarriage, pale complexion, fatigue, poor appetite, (T: pale with thin white coat, P: slippery weak)
Ingredients: Ren Shen, Huang Qi, Bai Zhu, Zhi Gan Cao, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Bai Shao, Shu Di Huang, Xu Duan, Nuo Mi, Huang Qi, Sha Ren

Tonify Yin AND Yang Formulas
- when both yin and yang are deficient
Gui Lu Er Xian Jiao Remember: "Guide Lu o'er yian hill, where he can tonify yin, yang, qi, and essence.
Action: Nourish yin, tonify qi and yang, enhance essence
Indication: soreness in lumbar / knees, dizziness, impotence, spermatorrhea
Ingredients: Lu Jiao Jiao, Gui Ban, Ren Shen, Gou Qi Zi
cc: not for loose stools due to SP qi deficiency
Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan Remember: On Halloween I sometimes dress up as an undead spirit with black hair, strong bones, and LV/KD and tell folks to "qi bao my ran dan".
Action: Tonfy LV / KD, blacken hair, strengthen bone
Indications: LV / KD deficiency, early grey hair, loose hair, loose teeth, weak lumbar and knees, spermatorrhea, infertility
Ingredients: Chi/Bai He Shou Wu, Bai Fu Ling, Niu Xi, Dang Gui, Gou Qi Zi, Tu Si Zi, Bu Gu Zhi
Di Huang Yin Zi Remember: "Old Yellow Yin Zi" was a yellow dog, like old yeller. But when he got older he deperately needed to tonify his KD yin and KD yang so he went out to the swamp and was abducted by aliens.
Action: Enriches KD Yin, tonifies KD Yang, opens orifices, transforms phlegm
Indication: inability to speak, disability or paralysis of the lower extremities, cold lower limbs, red facial complexion, deep weak pulse.
cc: Not suitable for hyperactive LV yang with severe heat type

Calm Shen Formulas

Sedate Shen Formulas

Zhu Sha An Shen Wan Nickname: "Zusha's Sedate Shen Pills"
Syndrome: Five emotions transformed into Fire, HT fire excess w/ Yin deficiency
Action: sedate HT, calm spirit, drain fire, and nourish yin
Key Sx: insomnia, palpitations, restlessness, (T: red), (P: rapid thin)
Ingredients: Zhu Sha, Huang Lian, Dang Gui, Zhi Gan Cao
cc: don't use large dosage (less than 1 gram )
Ci Zhu Wan Remember: "I Ci Zhu said the HT to the KD with bright eyes full of shen"
Syndrome: HT / KD not communicating (dizziness, deafness, palpitation)
Action: nourish yin, brighten eyes, sedate shen
Indication: Qi and Blood deficiency
Ingredients: Ci Shi, Zhu Sha, Shen Qu
Zhen Zhu Mu Wan Remember: "The Zen Zoo Moo's would nourish yin and sedate the shen of any Zoo Moo that got LV Yang rising and tried to break the wirey fence"
Action: nourish yin, sedate shen
Indications: yin and blood deficiency, liver yang rising hyperactive, insomnia, vertigo (P: thin wiry)

Nourish and Calm Shen

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan Nickname: "Heavenly emperor nourishes the heart"
Action: nourish yin , clear heat, nourish blood, calm Shen
Syndrome: HT KD yin deficiency, deficient fire disturbance
Key Sx: palpitation, insomnia, fever in five centers, (T: red with little coating), (P: thin rapid)
cc: careful with poor appetite, loose stools
Suan Zao Ren Tang Action: Nourish blood, calm shen, clear heat, relieve irritability
Key Sx: Deficiency of LV blood and Yin failing to nourish the HT manifested as insomnia, palpitations, irritability, dizziness, blurred vision, night sweats, dry throat and mouth (T: pale or red with thin coat), (P: wiry, thin, rapid pulse)
Gan Mai Da Zao Tang Remember: "Granny Mai Died Shouting" and everyone was sad with trance sadness and tendency to cry
Action: nourish HT, calm shen, harmonize middle jiao
Indication: trance sadness and tendency to cry
Ingredients: xiao mai, gan cao, da zao

Open Orifice Formulas

Cold to Open Orifices

An Gong Niu Huang Wan Remember: When "Ana gonged her new yellow wand" at her sick sister, the heat toxins dispersed, she woke up, and began talking again.
Action: clear heat toxin, open orifice, resuscitation
Key Sx: heat blocks pericardium (high fever, restlessness, lost consciousness, delirum) with turbidity (severe unconsciousness), heat blocks qi movement (unable to speak), severe heat -> severe Jue: cold limbs
Zi Xue aka: Wai Tai Mi Yao
Remember: "Zee blood", "Why Taze me - Yao"... When he got tazed it opened orifice, and he had convulsions until the wind extinguished and heat cleared.
Action: clear heat, open orifice, extinguish wind, stop convulsion
Key Sx: cc: tazers: do not overdose, stop when effective, not for pregnancy
Zhi Bao Dan Remember: When "Birds Bow Down" its usually because they want to open their orifice, spit a phlegm ball, and clear heat toxins from PC.
Syndrome: Phlegm heat blocks PC
Action: Eliminate phlegm, open orifice, clear heat toxin
Key Sx: unconsciousness, delirium, fever, restlessness, wheezing, (T: crimson with yellow turbid coat, P: slippery rapid)
cc: not for pregnancy

Warm to Open Orifices

Su He Xiang Wan Remember: The father wanted to "sue the young man" when he found out that he had coldly opened orifce and unblocked painful qi stagnation of his daughter. But at least he bought her flowers!
Syndrome: Cold turbidity
Action: aromatic to open orifice, move qi to stop pain
cc: not for pregnancy or prolapsed syndrome

Astringe Formulas

Astringe Formulas: Stabilize Exterior to Stop Sweating

Mu Li San Nickname: Oyster Sand
Remember: Eating oyster sand causes ...
Syndrome: Weak body constitution, spontaneous sweating, night sweating
Action: astringe yin to stop sweating, tonify qi to consolidate exterior
Key Sx: sweating, palpitations, SOB, (T: pale), (P: thin)

Astringe Formulas: Astringe LU to Stop Cough

Jiu Xian San Nickname: Jew's Young Formula
Remember: When the Young Jews had cough due to qi and yin deficiency they took Jiu Xian San to...
Action: astringe LU to stop cough, tonify qi and yin
Key Sx: chronic cough due to Lu Qi Yin deficiency

Astringe Formulas: Stabilize Diarrhea to stop diarrhea (SP/ST deficient cold to stop diarrhea)

Zhen Ren Yang Zang Tang Aka: Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang
Nickname: Z'hen Wren's Yang Zang Time
Syndrome: SP KD deficient cold type chronic diarrhea
Action: Astringes intestines, warm tonify SP and KD
Indications: loose stools and diarrhea, abdominal pain with preference for warmth and pressure (T: pale with white coat) (P: slow thin)
Si Shen Wan Aka: Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang
Nickname: "See shit'n wander left... must be due to..."
Syndrome: SP KD yang deficient type of KD diarrhea
Action: Warm KD, SP, consolidate intestines, stop diarrhea
Indications: early morning diarrhea, poor appetite, (T: pale with white coat) (P: deep slow)
Tao Hua Tang Action: Warm to astringe diarrhea
Nickname: Tao flower formula helps with....
Indications: deficient cold diarrhea
Ingredients: Chi Shi Zi, Gan Jiang, Geng Mi

Astringe Formulas: Bind Essence to Stop Enuresis and Spermatorrhea

San Piao Xiao San Remember: "Don't forget san piao xiao for too much urine and sperm"
Syndrome: HT and KD deficiency, miscommunication between HT KD
Action: Tonify HT and KD, astringe essence
Indications: Frequent urine, enuresis, spermatorrhea, trance, forgetfulness, (T: pale with white coating) (P: thin weak)
CC: not for lower jiao damp heat
Jin Suo Gu Jing Wan Nickname: "Jen Sold the Goo Jing Wand"
Remember: When Jen sold the Goo Jing Wand she could no longer...
Action: tonify KD to astringe the essence
Indications: spermatorrhea, fatigue, lumbago, tinnitus, (T: pale with white coat) (P: thin weak)
Suo Quan Wan Nickname: "slow the quan wand" (down)
Remember: please Would You tell easy wren to "slow the quan wand (down)...", he's making a mess and now we need a sham wow.
Action: warm KD to eliminate cold, astringe urine
Indications: UB deficient cold with frequent urine, enuresis, (T: pale) (P: deep weak)

Astringe Formulas: Consolidate to arrest vaginal bleeding and leucorrhea

Wan Dai Tang Nickname: The "Wan Die Tongue"
Remember: ... belongs to a woman with with profuse luecorrhea
Syndrome: LV stag, SP deficiency, too much damp flowing downwards
Action: tonify SP, sooth LV, eliminate damp, astring luecorrhea
Indications: large amount of clear luecorrhea (P: slow)
CC: not damp heat type
Gu Jing Wan Nickname: "Goo Jing Wand"
Remember: The Goo Jing Wand prevents...
Syndrome: leaking and flooding due to yin deficient with heat
Action: nourish yin, clear heat, consolidate menstruation
Indications: deep red or dark purple sticky menses (T: red) (P: wiry)
Yi Huang Tang Nickname: "Yucky Yellow Tongue"
Remember: He got Yucky Yellow Tongue when she had...
Indications: yellow luecorrhea with odor (T: yellow greasy coat)
Action: warm KD, stop luecorrhea, clear heat, eliminate damp
Ingredients: Shan Yao, Qian Shi, Bai Guo, Huang Bai, Che Qian Zi

Regulate Qi Formulas

Regulate Qi Formulas

Yue Ju Wan Nickname: "Six Stagnations"
Syndrome: Six Yu syndrome: Qi, Blood, Fire, Damp-phlegm, Food
Action: move qi, resolve Yu
Key Sx: chest fullness and oppressed, abdominal stabbing pain, poor digestion
Notes: often used to treat depression
Chai Hu Shu Gan San Remember: "Chai Hu's Shoe Gone Sailin'"
Action: Soothe LV, move qi and blood, alleviate pain
Indication: LV qi stagnation, hypochondriac pain, oppressed chest, sigh, irritability, abdominal distenstion, P: wiry
Ingredients: Chai Hu had EMO-PMS and when chuan xiong started acting like a chimpanzee turned circus clown entered the room riding on a white pony 'Chai Hu's Shoe Gone Sailin', but his granny cow chided him for losing his temper..
Si Mo Tang Remember: When big drunkards go bad, give em Si Mo Tang to descend rebellious qi, move qi
Action: move qi, descend rebellious qi, widen chest and dissipate nodules
Indications: LV qi stagnation, chest oppression, wheezing, poor appetite
Zhi Shi Xie Bai Gui Zhi Tang Aka: "Jin Gui Yao Lue"
Remember: When Zhi Shi got chest yang deficiency she started spinning to eliminate phlegm and qi obstruction
Syndrome: Chest yang deficiency, phlegm and qi obstruction type of chest bi syndrome
Action: dredge yang and dissapate nodule, eliminate phlegm, and descend qi
Indication: fullness oppressed in chest, rebelling qi from hypochondria to chest, (T: white, greasy), (P: deep wiry or tight)
Ingredients: Gua Lou, Xie Bai, Zhi Shi, Hou Po, Gui Zhi
Ban Xia Hou Po Tang Remember: "Ban Xia became a Po Hou due to..."
Syndrome: Emotional problem->LV qi stag-> LU / ST fails to descend, body fluid accumulates into phlegm
Action: move qi, dissipates nodules, descend qi, resolve phlegm
Applications: Objects in throat, can't swollen down, nor vomit out, chest opppression and fullness. (T: white slippery coat) (P: wiry or slippery)
Hou Po Wen Zhong Tang Remember: "Po Ho Wind Song" was sung by all the po ho's as they....
Action: move qi and warm middle jiao, dry dampness to eliminate fullness
Indications: cold damp qi stagnation, fullness and bloating in epigastria and abdomen, poor appetite, (T: white greasy coat), (P: deep wiry)
Ingredients: Hou Po, Cao Dao Kou, Chen Pi, Mu Xiang, Gan Jiang, Sheng Jiang, Fu Ling, Gan Cao
Jin Ling Zi San Nickname: Jen Lingers Sleep Sand
Remember: Jen Lingers and sleeps in the sand to...
Action: sooth liver, clear heat, move blood, stop pain
Indications: LV qi stagnation tranform into fire. Chest rib pain, onset with heat, bitter taste, (T: red with yellow coat) (P: wiry)
Ingredients: Chuan Lian Zi, Yuan Hu Suo
Tian Tai Wu Yao San Aka: "Xi Fue Fa Ming"
Remember: Teeyon tied Wu Yao in the sand", but as the water approached Wu Yao escaped but developed....
Syndrome: hernia due to LV channel cold and qi stagnation
Action: dispel cold to arrest pain, sooth LV qi
Indications: lower abdominal pain radiate to testis, (T: pale with white coating) (P: deep wiry)
cc: not for damp type of hernia
Nuan Gan Jian Remember: "Non gone John" stayed home to warm/tonify SP KD but should have gotten out more to move qi to stop pain
Action: warm/tonify SP KD, move qi to stop pain
Indications: lower abdominal pain, afraid of cold, prefer warmth, (T: pale with white coat) (P: deep slow)
Ju He Wan Remember: The "Jew Who Won" the lottery was able to afford top notch medicine to...
Action: soften and dissapate nodules... move qi to stop pain
Indications: Tui shan (swelling distension and dropping testis, as hard as stone)

Regulate Qi Formulas: Descend Qi

Su Zi Jiang Qi Tang Nickname: "Suzy Jumped Qi Tight Rope"... to fix her...
Syndrome: Upper Excess, Lower Deficiency.
Action: descend qi, calm wheezing, eliminate phlegm, stop cough
Key Sx: wheezing with thin white profuse phlegm, chest fullness and oppressed, breath out more than breathing in, T: white slippery coat, P: slippery
Ding Chuan Tang Remember: "Asthma Formula"
Syndrome: Wind Cold External Attack (slight aversion to wind cold), Interior Phlegm Heat, LU fail to descend qi, wheezing, cough with sticky yellow phlegm, (T: yellow greasy coat) (P: slippery rapid)
Action: disperse LU and descend Qi, clear phlegm heat
Key Sx: Wheezing, cough, with yellow phlegm, slightly aversion to wind cold, (T: yellow greasy coat) (P: slippery rapid)
Xuan Fu Dai Zhe Tang Remember: "Swan Kick Kills the Tang"
Syndrome: ST qi deficiency (retching, belching, vomiting)
Action: descend qi, resolve phlegm, regulate ST, tonify qi
Indications: frequent vomiting, retching, hardness in epigastria, (T: white greasy coat) (P: slow or slippery)
Ju Pi Zhu Ru Tang Remember: "Jumping Zhur Rus" are full of qi, hot and ST rebelling!
Action: descend rebelling ST qi, tonify qi and clear heat
Indications: retching, nausea (T: fresh red) (P:weak rapid)
Ding Xiang Shi Di Tang Ingredients: Ding Xiang, Shi Di, Ren Shen, Sheng Jiang
Remember: "Ding Xiang, the witch is dead - shi di tang"... after the ST qi rebellion the midgets killed the witch by pouring water, which warmed her MJ and tonified qi so much she disintegrated!
Action: warm middle jiao, tonify qi, descend rebelling ST qi and stop retching
Indications: deficient cold type of retching, retching, distension in epigastria, (T: pale with white coat) (P: deep slow)

Invigorate Blood Formulas

Invigorate Blood Formulas

Tao He Cheng Qi Tang Nickname: When "The Tao of Change Qi" comes upon you, it will resolve a....
Syndrome: Combination of blood stasis and heat in the lower jiao
Action: drain heat and break up blood stasis
Key Sx: lower abdominal pain, painful urination, deep excessive or choppy pulse
Ingredients: Tao Ren, Da Huang, Gui Zhi, Mang Xiao, Gan Cao
(cc: if exterior condition exists, treat the exterior syndrome first)
(cc: pregnancy)
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang Nickname: "Drive out stasis in the mansion of blood"
Action: Promotes circulation of blood and qi, removes blood stasis, relieves pain
Key Sx: Blood stasis in the chest with LV qi stagnation manifested as prolonged chest pain or headache marked by piercing pain and fixed location, or chronic hiccups (ST qi flows up), dry heaves, and choking when drinking water, palpitations, insomnia, irritability, easily to get angry, or tidal fever, purplish lips, darkness around eyes, dark red or purple tongue, T: dark red, P: choppy (or hesistant, wiry, and tight)
... Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tong Action: move blood, opens orifices
Indications: blood stagnated in the head and face, headaches, dizziness, deafness, hair loss, vitilgo, acne, and rosacea.
Remember: When Chuan Xiong and Colonel Peach rode the red pony after drinking too much Safflower Whiskey they caused blood stasis in the head when they plowed into Fresh Ginger maiden who was feeding dates to King Kong's cousin. They shook it off by saying "She's Young!" let gets some rice liquor and party together!
... Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang Ingredients: Wu Ling Zhi, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Tao Ren, Mu Dan pi, Chi Shao, Wu Yao, Yan Hu Suo, Gan Cao, Xiang Fu, Hong Hua, Zhi Ke
Action: move blood, remove stasis, move qi to stop pain
Indications: blood stagnation under diaphragm, abdominal pain, fixed pain
... Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang Ingredients: Xiao Hui Xiang, Gan Jiang, Yan Hu Suo, Mo Yao, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Rou Gui, Chi Shao, Pu Huang, Wu Ling Zhi
Action: move blood, remove stasis, warm meridian to stop pain
Indications: blood stagnation in lower abdomen, lumbago during menses, havin 3-5 periods per month, dark color menses, flooding and leaking, dysmenorrhea, infertility.
... Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang Ingredients: Qin Jiao, Chuan Xiong, Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Gan Cao, Qiang Huo, Mo Yao, Dang Gui, Wu Ling Zhi, Xiang Fu, Niu Xi, Di Long
Action: move blood, move qi, remove stasis, dredge channel
Indications: qi and blood blockage, shoulder pain, lumbago, leg pain, pain in body for long time
Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang Nickname: "Booyang Juan" had a stroke due to...
Syndrome: Qi deficiency and Blood Stagnation
Action: tonifies qi, invigorates channels, and unblocks channels Indications: hemiplegia, parlaysis, facial paralysis, incontinence or drooling as sequelae of stroke (T: dark pale tongue body with white coating) (P: slow and weak)
(cc: not suitable yin deficiency and hyperactive yang)
(cc: not suitable for phlegm stagnation type of blood stasis)
Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang Syndrome: Blood stagnation due to trauma (in chest, hypochondria)
Action: Invigorates the blood, dispels blood stasis, spreads the LV qi, unblocks the channels
Key Sx: excruciating pain in chest and hypochondria
Ingredients: Jiu Da Huang, Chai Hu, Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Chuan Shan Jia, Dang Gui, Gua Lou Gen, Gan Cao
(cc: pregnancy)
Wen Jing Tang Nickname: "Warm the menses decoction"
Syndrome: Deficiency -> cold-> blood stasis -> heat
Action: warm the menses, dispel cold, nourish blood, dispel stasis
Indications: Irregular menses, with blood clots, cold pain in lower abdomen, sometime restlessness and feverish sensation (T: dark, red) (P: thin, choppy) (cc: no cold food during medication)
Sheng Hua Tang Nickname: Shen-G's flower
Syndrome: Deficiency of blood stasis after delivery, attacked by cold pathogen -> blood deficiency and cold coagulation -> retention of lochia, lower back pain
Action: invigorates the blood, transforms and dispels blood stasis, warms the menses, and alleviates pain
Indications: Retention of lochia after delivery, cold pain in abdomen
Shi Xiao San Nickname: Sudden Smile Powder
Syndrome: All kinds of pain caused by blood stagnation, Stasis in chest, abdomen, Stasis in uterus
Action: moving blood, remove stasis, stop pain
Indications: Chest abdominal pain, lower menses, lower abdominal pain
Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan Nickname: "Cinnamon boy the Fool"
Syndrome: Abdominal pain with incessant metrostaxis in dark purple color; stagnant blood in uterus, Tumor and fetus exist together
Action: moving blood, resolve mass in abdomen
Indications: mass in lower abdomen, dark menses, unpalpable abdominal pain
Dan Shen Yin Nickname: Salvia Decoction
Syndrome: Blood and qi stagnation in the chest and epigastrium.
Action: invigorates the blood, dispel blood stasis, promotes the movement of qi and alleviates pain
Ingredients: Dan Shen, Tan Xiang, Sha Ren
Da Huang Zhe Chong Wan Syndrome: Severe deficiency, blood stagnation, and stasis
Action: eliminate blood stasis, promote new blood

Stop Bleeding Formulas

Stop Bleeding

Shi Hui San Syndrome: Upper bleeding caused by blood heat invading, vomiting blood, coughing blood, spitting blood, nasal bleeding
Action: Cools the blood and stops bleeding
key Sx: Fresh red blood (T: red body with yellow coat, P: rapid)
Si Sheng Wan Action: Syndrome of heat caused by blood invading
Action: Cool the blood and stops bleeding
Ingredients: Ce Bai Ye, Sheng di huang, (sheng) he ye, (sheng) ai ye
Ke Xue Fang Syndrome: LV fire invading LU
key Sx: yellow phlegm, difficult to expectorate, injury to blood vessels, cough with blood, restlessness, irritability, dry throat, bitter taste, red cheeks, constipation (T: red with yellow coat, P: wiry rapid)
Xiao Ji Yin Zi Syndrome: blood lin due to heat in lower jiao
key Sx: bloody urine, painful urination, frequent urination, (T: red) (P: rapid)
cc: not suitable for bloody urination due to cold or yin deficiency
Huai Hua San Syndrome: blood vessels injured due to wind heat and dampness accumulation in large intestine
key Sx: aversion to cold, fever w/out sweating, cough, wheezing, profuse watery phlegm
Action: Cools the intestines, stops bleeding, disperses wind, promotes qi movement
ingredients: Huai hua, Ce Bai Ye, Jing Jie Sui, Zhi Ke
cc: not for long term use.
cc: not for bleeding due to cold or yin deficiency
Huang Tu Tang "Yellow Earth Decoction"
Syndrome: Syndrome of SP yang deficiency which causes uncontrollable blood
Action: warms the yang, strengthens the SP, nourishes the blood, and stops bleeding
key Sx: pale dark bleeding, (T: pale with white coat) (P: deep thin weak)
cc: forbidden for bleeding due to yang heat syndrome
note: compare to gui pi tang
Jiao Ai Tang "Ass-Hide and Mugwort Decoction"
Syndrome: bleeding due to injury and deficiency of Chong and Ren channels, and blood deficiency with cold
Action: Nourish the blood, stops bleeding, regulates menstruation, calms fetus
key Sx: excessive menses, post partum bleeding, or bleeding during pregnancy, pale thin blood


Treat Dryness Formulas

Treat Dryness Formulas

Zeng Ye Tang Zeng Ye Tang - increase the fluids decoction
aka: Wen Bing Tiao Bian
Syndrome: Yangming warm disease, constipation with body fluid deficiency
Action: nourishes Yin, clear heat; increases fluids, moisten dryness; promote bowel movement
Key Sx: constipation (due to fluid injury), thirst or dry mouth, (T: dry, red; P: rapid thin or deep weak)
Mai Men Dong Tang Mai Men Dong Tang (aka: Jin Gui Yao Lue)
Syndrome: Lung atrophy due to deficient heat; ST yin deficiency; the root is ST yin deficiency and it leads to lung yin deficiency
Action: benefits the ST, generates fluids, and directs rebellious qi downward
Key Sx: LU Yin deficiency - cough with phlegm, dry throat, fever in palms, (T: red with little coating, P: thin / rapid) and ST yin deficiency - vomiting, belching, poor appetite, thirst, dry throat, (T: red with little coat, P: thin rapid). The root is ST yin deficiency and it leads to LU yin deficiency
Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang
(Nourish the Yin and clear the Lungs decoction)

Syndrome: Yin deficiency with toxic heat
Action: nourish the yin, clears the LU, and relieves toxicity
Key Sx: Diptheria, Acute tonsilitis, Acute pharyngolaryngitis
Bai He Gu Jin Tang Bai He Gu Jin Tang (Lilly Bulb decoction to preserve the metal)
Nickname: "White hey goo"
Syndrome: LU and KD yin deficiency with deficient fire flaming up
Action: nourish the yin, moistens the LU, transforms phlegm, and stop coughing
Key Sx: LU qi disorder (cough, heavy breathing), Burnt body fluid and collaterals (dryness pain in throat, afternoon fever, blood in phlegm) (T: red tongue body lack of coating, P: thin and rapid)
Xing Su San Nickname: "Apricot Kernel and Perilla Leaf Powder"
Syndrome: Exogenous Cool dryness (aversion to cold, no sweating, slight headache) Lu qi disorder (cough, dry throat, stuffy nose) phlegm damp obstruction (cough with watery phlegm) (P: wiry, T: white)
Action: Gently disperse cool dryness, disseminates the Lung qi, and transforms congested fluids. Representative formula for dryness.
Sang Xing Tang Nickname: "Mulberry leaf and Apricot Kernel decoction"
Syndrome:Exogenous warm dryness (not severe fever), LU qi disorder (cough), LU fluid being burnt (non productive cough, without or with little phlegm, thirst, dryness, and nose) (T: red body with thin white dry coating) (P: floating rapid, right rapid pulse large)
Action: Clears and disperses warm-dryness
Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang Nickname: "Eliminate dryness and rescue the LU decoction"
Syndrome: Severe type of LU injury due to warm dryness
Action: Clears dryness and moisten the LU
Key Sx: fever, non-productive cough, heavy breath, (T: red body with little coat) (P: deficient large)


Internal Wind Formulas

Clear Heat -> Qi Stage

Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang "Antelope Horn and Uncaria"
key Sx: high fever with restlessness, twitch and spasm of the extremities (T: crimson, dry) (P:wiry rapid)
Action: Cools the liver, extinguishes wind, increases fluids, and relaxes the sinews
Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang Zhen Gan Xi Feng Tang
"Sedate the Liver and extinguish wind decoction"
key Sx: Dizziness, vertigo, distension of eyes, tinnitus, feverish sensation in the head, facial complexion like drunk, inability to move extremities, facial distortion, loss of consciousness
Action: Sedates the liver, extinguishes wind, nourishes the yin, and anchors the yang
Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin Tian Ma Gou Ten Yin
"Sedate the Liver and extinguish wind decoction"
key Sx: Headache, insomnia, vertigo due to hypertension (T: red with yellow coating, P: wiry rapid)
Action: Calms the liver, extinguishes wind, clears heat, invigorates blood, and notifies the LV and KD
Di Huang Yin Zi "Rehmannia Decoction"
Key Sx: inability to speak, disability or paralysis of the lower extremities, cold lower limbs, red facial complexion, (P: deep weak)
Action: enriches KD yin, tonifies KD yang, opens orifices, transforms phlegm
cc: Not suitable for hyperactive yang with severe heat type
Da Ding Feng Zhu "Major arrest wind pearl"
Action: nourishes the yin and extinguishes the wind
Key Symptoms: lassitude, muscle spasm with alternating flexion and extension of the extremities (T: crimson without coat, P: weak)


Expel Damp Formulas

Dry Damp and Regulate Stomach

Ping Wei San Syndrome: SP dysfunction, Middle Jiao qi disorder, Dampness blocks qi, Dampness covers yang
key Sx: poor appetite, tastelessness in mouth, vomiting, acid regurgitation, belching, loose stools, diarrhea, fullness and distension in abdomen, lassitude, heaviness in limbs (T: thick white greasy coat, P: slow)
Action: Dries damp, improves SP transporting function, promotes movement of qi, harmonizes the ST
... Bu Huan Ji Zheng Qi San Ping Wei San +Huo Xiang +Ban Xia
"Sedate the Liver and extinguish wind decoction"
Syndrome: Middle Jiao Damp with Exterior Syndrome
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San Syndrome: External Wind Cold, Dampness blocks qi movement
Key Symptoms: Aversion to cold, fever, headache, fullness and distension in epigastria, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, borborygmus, diarrhea (T: white greasy coat) Action: Releases the exterior, transforms dampness, regulates the qi, harmonizes the middle jiao

Clear and Eliminate Damp Heat
Yin Chen Hao Tang
Syndrome: Damp heat jaundice with damp obstructing middle jiao
key Sx: jaundice, fever, thirst, no sweat, or sweating only on head. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal fullness, constipation, concentrated urine (T: red with yellow coat, P: deep rapid or slippery)
Action: Clear heat, eliminate damp, reduce jaundice
Ba Zheng San Syndrome: damp heat in the bladder obstructs qi movement and injures fluids
Action: Clears heat, promotes urination, and unblocks PUD
Key Sx: Urgent urination, frequent urine, urinary pain dysuria, lower abdominal pain, dry throat, dry mouth, (T: yellow greasy, P: slippery rapid)
San Ren Tang Syndrome: Damp is greater than Heat, treats dampness in all 3 jiaos (Damp obstructs defensive yang and blocks qi movement. DH steaming)
Key Symptoms: Headache, aversion to cold, body heaviness pain, lassitude, chest oppressed, afternoon fever, yellow complexion (T: white coat, P: wiry thin)
Action: Dissemenates the qi, facilitates the qi mechanisms, and clears damp-heat
... Huo Po Xia Ling Tang Syndrome: Release exterior and resolve damp
Ingredients: Huo Xiang, Ban Xia, Chi Fu Ling, Xing Ren, Yi Yi Ren, Bai Dou Kou, Tong Cao, Zhu Ling, Dan Dou Chi, Ze Xie, Hou Po
Er Miao San Syndrome: Damp-Heat lower jiao (damp heat bi, damp-heat atrophy, damp-heat leucorrhea, damp-heat eczema)
Key Sx: bone sinew pain, red painful knees and feet, disability of lower limbs, leucorrhea, eczema in lower body, (T: yellow greasy coat) Ingredients: Huang Bo (aka: Huang Bai), Cang Zhu, Jiang Zhi (ginger juice)
... Si Miao Wan Er Miao San +Chuan Niu Xi +Yi Yi Ren Syndrome: Clear heat, eliminate dampness, sooth sinew, strengthen bones
Ingredients: Er Miao San +Chuan Niu Xi, +Yi Yi Ren

Dry Damp and Regulate Stomach

Wu Ling San Syndrome: Water retention due to bladder lost function of qi transforming
key Sx: Leftover exterior pathogen (headache, slight fever), Water retention in bladder (dysfunction of urination), Dysfunction of qi transforming (thirst), Water qi flows upward (vomiting after just drinking water), Water retention (edema, diarrhea, throbbing pulsation just below umbilicus, dizzy, SOB, cough, large amount of saliva)
Action: Promotes urination, drains dampness, strengthens the SP, warms the yang, and promotes the transforming of qi
... Wei Ling Tang Wu Ling San + Ping Wei San, Su Zi, Wu Mei
Syndrome: Eliminate dampness, regulate stomach, move qi
Zhu Ling Tang

Syndrome: Water retention + Heat in lower jiao
key Sx:
-Water retention and heat blocks qi transforming (urinary difficulty)
-heat burns yin fluid (fever, thirst)
-heat disturbs heart shen (restlessness, insomnia)
-(T: red with white or slightly yellow coat, P: thin rapid)

Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang

Syndrome: Wind water or wind damp syndrome due to deficient exxterior
Action: Strengthens SP, promotes urination, and reduces edema
key Sx: wind damp invades, heavy muscles, edema, pain, sweating, aversion to wind (T: pale white coat) (P: floating) cc: Not suitable for severe water retention and edema

Wu Pi San

Syndrome: Pi Shui (skin water retention due to SP deficiency)
Action: Regulates damp, reduces edema, regulates qi, and strengthens Splees

Warm to Transform Cold Damp

Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang Syndrome: Phlegm and water retention with Middle Jiao yang deficiency.
key Sx: fullness in chest and hypochondria, dizzy, palpitations (T: white greasy coat)
Action: Warms and tranforms phlegm and congested fluids, strengthens the Spleen, and resolves dampness
cc: Not suitable for cough with sticky phlegm due to water retention transformed into heat
Zhen Wu Tang Syndrome: Water flooding due to yang deficiency
Key Symptoms: Difficult urination, heavy limbs, edema, (T: swollen with white coat) (P: deep)
Action: Warms the yang and promotes urination
Shi Pi San "Bolster the Spleen Decoction"
Syndrome: SP and KD Yang deficiency
Key Symptoms: Edema, especially in lower body, fullness of chest and abdomen, (T: pale with greasy coat) (P: deep, slow)
Action: Warms the yang, strengthens the Spleen, promotes movement of qi, and promotes urination
cc: not suitable for yang type of edema
Bei Xie Fen Qing Yin Syndrome: Lower jiao deficient cold, untransformed damp
Key Symptoms: frequent urination, turbid or cloudy urine, (T: pale with white coat) (P: deep)
Action: Warms the kidney, drains dampness, and transforms and seperates the turbid from the clear

Expel Wind and Dry Damp

Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang "Notopterygium Decoction to Overcome Dampness"
Syndrome: Wind-Damp Bi
Action: Expels wind and dries damp
Symptoms: channel / muscle pain all over the body (T: white) (P: floating)
Du Huo Ji Shi Tang Du Huo Ji Shi Tang - "Angelica Pubescens and Sang-Ji-Sheng Decoction"
Syndrome: Chronic W-D-Bi Syndrome with LV / KD yin deficiency and Qi / Blood deficiency
Key Symptoms: chronic bi syndrome, cold pain in lumbar region and knees, inflexibility of limbs, palpitation, shortness of breath, (P: thin, weak)
Action: Expels wind-dampness, disperses painful obstruction, and tonifies deficiency
Juan Bi Tang Juan Bi Tang - "Remove painful obstruction decoction"
Syndrome: Wind-Damp Bi with mild qi and blood deficiency
Symptoms: Joint pain with cold, pain / stiffness / swelling in joints (T: thick white coat) (P: slow)
Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang -"Cinnamon Twig, Peony, and Anemarrhena Decoction"
Syndrome: Wind-Damp Bi with SOB and swollen extremities
Symptoms: painful joints, worse at night (P: slippery / wiry) (T: white greasy)


Resolve Phlegm Formulas

Resolve Phlegm and Dry Damp

Er Chen Tang Syndrome: Damp phlegm (SP fails to transform damp)
key Sx: coughing copious white sputum that is easily expectorated, focal distension in chest and diaphragm, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lassitude (T: swollen tongue with white greasy coat) (P: slippery)
Action: dry Damp, eliminate phlegm, regulate qi, harmonize middle jiao
Wen Dan Tang Syndrome: Phlegm heat, GB/ST disharmony
Action: regulates qi, transforms phlegm, clears the GB, and harmonizes the ST
key Sx:
- phlegm heat (restlessness, insomnia)
- phlegm flows upward (vertigo, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, retching, epilepsy)
- (T: white greasy coat) (P: wiry, slippery)

Resolve Phlegm and Clear Heat

Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang Syndrome: Phlegm heat syndrome
Action: clears heat, transforms phlegm, directs rebellious qi downward, and stops coughing
Xiao Xian Xiong Tang Syndrome: Jie Xiong disease caused by phlegm heat obstructed in chest
Action: Clears heat transforms phlegm, expands the chest, and dissipates clumps
Ingredients: Gua Lou, Huang Lian, Ban Xia
Gun Tan Wan Syndrome: excessive heat with old phlegm
Action: purge fire and drain phlegm
Ingredients: Da huang, Huang Qin, Meng Shi, Chen Xiang

Resolve Phlegm and Moisten Dryness

Bei Mu Gua Lou San Syndrome: Cough with dryness phlegm
Action: Moistens the LU, clears heat, regulates the qi, and transforms phlegm
Key Sx: difficult to cough out phlegm, dry throat, sore throat (T: dry white coat)
Ingredients: Bei Mu, Gua Lou, Tian Hua Fen, Fu Ling, Jie Geng

Resolve Cold Phlegm and Warm

Ling Gan Wu Wei Jiang Xin Tang Syndrome: Cough with cold phlegm (SP yang deficiency, dampness, cold attacking lungs)
Action: Warms the LU and transforms congested fluids
Key Sx: Cough with large amount of white watery phlegm (T: white, slippery coat, P: slippery)
Ingredients: Gan Jiang, Xi Xin, Fu Ling, Wu Wei Zi, Gan Cao
San Zi Yang Qi Tang Action: Directs the qi downward, relazes the diaphragm, transforms phlegm, and reduces food stagnation
Ingredients: Bai Jie Zi, Su Zi, Lai Fu Zi

Resolve Phlegm and Extinguish Wind

Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang Syndrome: Wind phlegm disturbing upwards
Action: Strengthens SP, dispels dampness, transforms phlegm, and extinguishes wind
Key Sx: Vertigo, headache, (T: white greasy) (P:slippery)
cc: Not suitable for vertigo of hyperactive yang due to yin deficiency, or dizziness due to qi and blood deficiency


Resolve Food StagnationFormulas

Eliminate Food Stagnation

Bao He Wan Syndrome: Food stagnated in epigastrium
key Sx: Epigastria distension, belching, aversion to food, (T: thick greasy coat) (P: slippery)
Action: Reduce food stagnation and harmonizes the ST
cc: this formula not suitable for long term usage
Mu Xiang Bing Lang Wan Syndrome: Dysentary with food stagnation.
Action: Promotes the movement of qi, guides out stagnation, purges accumulation, and drains heat.
Key Sx: abdominal fullness and pain, tenesmus with diarrhea or constipation. (T: yellow greasy) (P: deep excessive)
Jian Pi Wan Syndrome: SP deficiency with food stagnation
Action: Strengthens SP, reduces food stagnation, and stops diarrhea
Key Sx: fatigue, loose stools, poor appetite, poor digestion (P: weak, T: yellow greasy)
Zi Shi Xiao Pi Wan Syndrome: SP deficiency with qi stagnation and cold heat combination: epigastria distension, poor appetite, fatigue, irregular defecation.
Action: Reduces focal distension, eliminates fullness, strengthens SP, and harmonizes ST
Key Sx: epigastria distension, poor eppetite, fatigue, (T: slightly yellow greasy coat)
Zhi Zhi Wan Syndrome: SP deficiency with qi stagnation, food stagnation
Action: Tonifies SP and reduces distension
Key Sx: Fullness and distension in the epigastria and abdomen, poor appetite


Expel Parasites Formulas

Expel Parasites

Wu Mei Wan Syndrome: Deficient cold in intestines and roundworm disturbing: sudden abdominal pain, restlessness, nausea, vomit round worm after just eating food, cold limbs
Action: Warms the organs (intestines) and calms roundworms


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