Cong Bai - Release Exterior: Wind Cold
LU, ST - (2-5 scallions)
    Fun Photo Clues (Coming Soon en masse):
  • Monkey is sweating: induces sweat
  • Snake: relieves toxicity
  • Clumpy bite on leg: toxicity; disperses clumps
  • Back to the Sun: Unblocks Yang
  • Holding green onions in hand
  • Windmill & Snow: Unblocks Wind Cold


Cong Bai is Cong White - King Kong's Brother

Kong white was King Kong's little brother. He loved to induce sweating outside and disperse cold by unblocking yang on the sunny side of the hill but one day he got bit by a giant poison snake that caused a clumpy looking mass to appear.

Afterwards Cong Bai resolved to be outside and to use (cc: caution with exterior deficiency with sweating).

English Name: allium, scallion, green onion
Pharmacuetical Name: Bulbus Allii Fistulosi
Properties: acrid, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
induce sweating outside releases exterior; induce sweating
disperse cold... unblocking yang on the sunny side of the hill disperses cold; unblocks yang
poison snake... clumpy relieves toxicity; disperses clumps


      Cong Bai Actions and Indications
  • Releases exterior; induces sweating (for early stage wind-cold; can cook with ginger to make a tea or with rice for food)
  • Disperses cold; unlock yang (abdominal pain, distension; nasal congestion due to cold-blocked yang qi)
  • Relieves Toxicity; disperses clumps (aids lactation by unblocking breasts; for sores and abcesses: used externally as poultice)
  • (cc: caution for deficiency with sweating)
  • (cc: according to some sources, do not use with honey when taken orally)
  • (cooking: add near the end of the decoction)
    Special Notes:
  • Cong Bai as a topical paste with Sheng Jiang and salt was used to treat common cold with marked results. Paste was applied to chest, back, soles, palms, and popliteal fossa for 1 to 2 days.

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