Li Zhong Wan - Warm Interior Cold

Li Zhong Wan

Syndrome: Middle Jiao yang deficiency with cold
Action: Warm middle jiao to expel cold, Tonify qi to strengthen SP Yang
Key Sx: (Cold limbs, Poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, convulsion, bleeding, chest pain) (T: pale with white moistening coating) (P: thin or deep slow weak pulse)

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King: Gan Jiang
Minister: Ren Shen
Assistant: Bai Zhu
Guide: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
(none specified)

    Common Modifications:
  • Severe Yang Deficiency (cold limbs, watery loose stools w/ undigested food) (+Fu Zi, +Rou Gui = Fu Zi Li Zhong Tang, Gui Fu Li Zhong Tang)
  • ST fails to accept foods (poor appetite) (+Shan Zha, +Mai Ya, +Shen Qu = Zha Qu Li Zhong Tang)
  • ST fails to descend turbidity (vomiting) (+Sha Ren, +Ban Xia = Sha Ban Li Zhong Tang)
  • SP fails to transform damp, leads to phlegm accumulation (cough with phlegm) (+Fu Ling, +Ban Xia = Li Zhong Hua Tan Wan)

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