Fu Ling - Promote Urination and Relieve Edema
SP, HT, UB, KD (9-15g)


Fu Ling - The Foolish Fat Indian

This is the story of the foolish fat indian who always had to pee when it rained. When a spirit appeared and healed his heart, he burst into tears and began losing weight because his middle jiao was harmonized and his SP was strengthened.

The Indian was careful not to urinate too much when cold (cc: frequent, copious urination due to deficient cold)

English Name: poria, indian bread, tuckahoe
Pharmacuetical Name: Poria
Properties: sweet, bland, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
always had to pee... rain resolves damp... promotes urination
spirit appeared...heart calms spirit; quiets heart
middle jiao was harmonized and his SP was strengthened strengthens SP and harmonizes MJ


      Fu Ling Actions and Indications
  • Resolves dampness, promotes urination (various types of edema, urinary difficulty, PUD, or scanty urine due to cold or heat, excess or deficiency)
  • Strengthens SP, harmonizes middle jiao (SP deficiency with damp with symptoms of low appetite, diarrhea, epigastric distension; congested fluids causing palpitations, dizziness; phlegm-damp due to SP deficiency)
  • Quiets heart, calms spirit (palpitations; insomnia, forgetfulness)
  • (cc: frequent, copious urination due to deficient cold)
    Alternate Forms:
  • bai fu ling- diuretic and for tonifying
  • chi fu ling- light red - more for damp-heat
  • fu ling pi- skin
  • fu shen- better for calming spirit: center of fungus (around the root)
    Special Notes:
  • Be sure to slice thin when cooking: even after cooking a block of Fu Ling may be dry in the middle.
  • Zhu Ling has a stronger diuretic function than Fu Ling, and without the tonic properties.

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