Ban Xia - Transform Phlegm Cold
LU, SP, ST (4.5-9g)


Ban Xia - Ban Xia got banned from volleyball...

She was was driving to the game in the rain and ran off the road and into the freezing cold swamp. She got banned because when the cops arrived she was drunk and vomiting. They gave her some pepto bismol to redirect her ST qi downward. The paramedics said she was fine other than some swelling and pain, but later she tried to sue the paramedics claiming that while searching for distension one of the paramedics had fondled her nodules!

Ban Xia was incomptaible with her Fu Zi dog Wu Tou (note: incompatible with Fu Zi and Wu Tou) when she had (cc: bleeding of any type) and after the crash she started smoking which caused (cc: cough due to yin deficiency and fluid deficiency)

English Name: pinellia, pinellia tuber
Pharmaceutical Name: Rhizoma Pinelliae
Properties: toxic, acrid, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
rain...swamp dries damp; transforms phlegm
redirect ST qi... vomit redirects ST qi downward; stops vomiting
nodules... distension reduces nodules; reduces distension
swelling... pain reduces swelling... alleviates pain


      Ban Xia Actions and Indications
  • Dries dampness, transforms phlegm (cough w/ copious phlegm, phlegm-cold in Lung, especially effective if the dampness is due to SP, also for headache or dizziness due to phlegm disturbing the LU)
  • Redirects ST qi downward; stops vomit (nausea and vomiting due to phlegm-damp, ST deficiency or ST heat w/ appropriate combination; morning sickness)
  • Dissipate nodules; reduces distension (phlegm nodules; goiter, scrofula, distension, fullness, pressure and pain in chest and epigastrium)
  • Reduces swelling; relieves pain (swellings, carbuncles, snake bite; topical use with sheng form)
  • (cc: bleeding of any type)
  • (cc: cough due to yin deficiency or depleted fluids)
  • (note: incompatible with wu tou, fu zi)
    Alternate Forms:
  • fa (deep fried with ginger, vinegar, ming fan) - used to dry dampness: fa ban xia
  • jiang zhi: used to stop vomiting (not contra-indicated for pregnancy)
  • sheng: TOXIC, used for topical use only
    Other Notes:
  • Ban Xia is toxic. In its raw (sheng) form it should be used only externally. Cooking it for an extended period minimizes its toxicity.
  • The Eighteen Incompatabilities stated that Wu Tou is incompatible with Ban Xia, but recent studies have not corraberated this theory therefore the validity of this is under question.

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