Mai Men Dong Tang - Nourish Yin Treat Dryness
Mai Men Dong Tang
Syndrome: Lung atrophy due to deficient heat; ST yin deficiency; the root is ST yin deficiency and it leads to lung yin deficiency
Action: benefits the ST, generates fluids, and directs rebellious qi downward
Key Sx: LU Yin deficiency - cough with phlegm, dry throat, fever in palms, (T: red with little coating, P: thin / rapid) and ST yin deficiency - vomiting, belching, poor appetite, thirst, dry throat, (T: dry red with little coat, P: thin rapid weak). The root is ST yin deficiency and it leads to LU yin deficiency.

When she first hit puberty Mai Men Dong gave the Shen of Ren to Ban Xia, so her granny cow fattened her up with rice to keep her from going on dates.
King: Mai Dong
M: Ren Shen
A1: Ban Xia
A2: Jing Mi (Geng Mi), Da Zao
G: gan cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
cc: not suitable for deficient cold

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