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''Life after school DOES exist. I've seen it.''

The time to help is NOW.
Regardless of whether you've already registered or whether you never plan to register, we need your help. I have already invested tons into redeveloping this web site, and now I'm investing even more in getting some new illustrations for the single herbs pages. Do you have any idea how much TIME and MONEY it takes to fund 335 custom illustrations?!

These illustrations are not free!
In this world everything costs time or money - usually BOTH! I have limited funding to accomplish a 'Second Edition' of the memorize herbs site. Please open your pocket books and DONATE what you can to SEE IT DONE!

At the end of the day I decided I owe it to future Generations of TCM Students. At the end of the day this is a web site I wish someone else had developed so that I could have used it during my time studying herbs in TCM school. There's not an awful lot of money in developing a web site like this, and it takes a lot of time. I'm doing it for posterity and because I feel its the right thing to do. TCM students need more tools to help them survive the increasingly brutal 4 year TCM programs around the globe.

Teachers are asking too much. In China herbal masters just study herbs. In America students have to split their focus between foundations, acupuncture, herbs, bodywork classes, western medicine including anatomy and pharmaceutical studies, practice management training, ethics training, clinical practice, and much more. Its not practical for students to develop hands on experience with 10 to 15 new herbs per week for a solid year. Students need something else.... they need a frame of reference. THAT's

About was developed by owner of Master Justin Hays, LAc (MAOM). Justin developed the site while attending school at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (2007-2011) and he was pressed for time to make it user-friendly and pretty because he was too busy memorizing the herbs for his classes! Despite the web site's poor structure and appearance, interest from satisfied users kept pouring in. Letters of thanks and occasional financial compensation led Justin to believe that there was a need for something like Therefore in 2014 Justin launched an effort to redevelop, reillustrate, and relaunch the web site for future generations. This is the web site you are reading right now, and redevelopment was a largely unfunded effort that came out of Justin's pocket. will be the premier memorization tool for Chinese herbal medicine. There are other tools out there, but this is one of the most effective approaches because it utilizes the right AND left sides of the brain. There's a benefit for all types of learners. Its almost impossible NOT to learn, and if you aren't careful you just might have FUN doing it!!

Coming Soon: Right now we're working on site redevelopment and more than 300 new custom herb story illustrations for the site. With proper time and funding Justin looks forward to adding an easy to use online flash card system that will allow you to quiz yourself online until you've got it. In the future if momentum grows Justin would like to issue in-print flash cards that you can use while on your tread mill, on an airplane, bus ride, etc.... Please support this site to ensure it all happens someday!

Thanks in advance for your donation, and for registering with our web site. Mahalo for your kokua. May all of life come to you with Ease.

Justin Hays LAc

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