Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin: Clear Heat and Detoxify
Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin - "Universal Benefit Decoction to Eliminate Toxin"
key Sx: Dry mouth; Thirst; Acute parotitis; Burning pain, inflammation and redness of the face and head; Chills; High fever; Pharyngitis; Sore throat; Sore throat; Suppurative otitis; Swelling of the throat; (T: Red w/ powdery-white or dry-yellow coating) (P:Floating-Rapid-Overflowing)
Action: universally benefits and clears toxic heat

Remember:"Universal Benefit Decoction to Eliminate Toxin"
They did a Puja to benefit and eliminate Toxins universally, but there were too many ingredients so they just remembered that Huang Qin and Huang Lian were kings..

King: Huang Qin, Huang Lian
M: Lian Qiao, Ban lan gen, Ma bo, jie geng, Bo he, Niu Bang Zi, Gan Cao, Jiang Can, Xuan Shen
A: chai hu, sheng ma, chen pi
Cautions / Contraindications:

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