Huang Tu Tang- Stop Bleeding
Huang Tu Tang - "Yellow Earth Decoction"
Syndrome: Syndrome of SP yang deficiency which causes uncontrollable blood
Action: warms the yang, strengthens the SP, nourishes the blood, and stops bleeding
key Sx: pale dark bleeding, (T: pale with white coat) (P: deep thin weak)
note: compare to gui pi tang

Remember What's in it: To get some Yellow Earth (Zao Xin Tu) just buy you a fuzzy blanket and tell Eeyor to do the Shame of Juan in it. Only when granny cow washes it can you get some yellow earth from the yellow kin.
King: Zao Xin Tu (burned earth- aka Fu Long Gan)
M: Fu Zi, Bai Zhu
A1: Sheng Di Huang, E Jiao
A2: Huang Qin
G: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) not for bleeding due to yang heat

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