Dao Chi San: Clear Heat from Zang-Fu organs
Dao Chi San - "Rehmannia and Clematis Armandi Formula"
key Sx: Heart and Small Intestine channel heat (chest restless heat, thirst, red complexion, desire for cold drink, ulceration in mouth and tongue, dark scanty painful urination, T: red with yellow greasy coat, P: rapid) HT Fire Transferring to SI (dark urine with burning pain, T: red, P: rapid)
Action: Clear heart, promote urination, nourish yin

Remember: "The Dao of Chisan"
The Dao of Chisan is a movie about a boxer called Sheng di Huang who, like Rockie Balboa, acted like a grouchy orangutan in the ring due to HT fire transferring to SI. How did he get so mean? Legend tells that his granny cow would prod him with a pitchfork just to make him meaner.

King: Sheng di Huang
M: Mu Tong, Dan Zhu Ye
A/G: Gan Cao

Cautions / Contraindications:
cc: SP / ST deficiency
cc: Not for long time use


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