Bai Mao Gen - Regulate Blood Herbs
LU, ST, SI, UB (15-30g)

Bai Mao Gen- "Buy My own Gin!"
One summer a farmer went out back to take a pee and saw a hot blooded bum who was bleeding. The farmer offered to give the man a dollar, but the bum just started shouting obscenities - he was obviously crazy with LU and ST heat. "I can buy my own gin, damn you!!!" shouted the bum.

"Stupid bum", thought the farmer, he must not know that drinking alcohol causes (cc: SP deficient cold)

English Name: imperata, lalang grass rhizome, Wooly grass rz.
Pharmaceutical Name: Rhizoma Imperatae
Properties: sweet, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
summer... pee clears heat; promotes urination
hot blooded... bleeding cools blood; stops bleeding
LU and ST heat clears heat from the LU and ST


      Bai Mao Gen and Indications
  • Cools blood; stops bleeding (epistaxis and hemoptysis; also blood in urine and hematemesis)
  • Clears heat; promotes urination (hot lin, bloody lin, dysuria, edema, jaundice, in modern use for nephritis)
  • Clears heat from LU and ST (nausea and thirst due to ST heat; coughing, wheezing due to LU heat)
  • (cc: SP deficient cold)
    Special Notes:
  • Bai Mao Gen is a diuretic, be careful when prescribing it with other diuretic drugs.
  • A decoction of 18g Zhi Zi with 120g fresh Bai Mao Gen given after meals or before bed time was effective in stopping epistaxis

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