Qing Dai- Clear Heat and Relieve Toxicity
LV, LU, ST (1.5 - 3g)


Qing Dai
- King Die
King Die was a hot blooded king of the toxic desert who loved to serve his unfavoured guests  poison wine that caused their faces to swell up and die. Nobody dared to confront the king because the king had in his service a powerful woodland magician who could control the wind and make fireballs upon command.

English Name: indigo, natural indigo
Pharmacuetical Name: Indigo Naturalis
Properties: salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
hot blooded... desert... toxic... swell cools blood; clears toxic heat; disperses swelling
woodland magician... control wind... make fireballs extinguish LV wind; darins LV fire


      Qing Dai Actions and Indications
  • Clears toxic heat; cools blood; disperses swelling (sore, swollen throat, mumps, bleeding, febrile convulsions in children, lung heat cough; carbuncles, skin eruptions due to blood heat; internal or topical use)
  • Drains LV fire; extinguish LV wind (acute childhood convulsions)
  • Note: topical for throat, internal for bleeding, Lung heat, convulsions due to heat)
  • (cc: sulpher allergy)
  • (note: made from processing da qing ye (soak until rotten, add lime then dry the foam from the top of the liquid)
    Special Notes:
  • Qing Dai is the processed powder of Da Qing Ye. Qing Dai is very similar in functions to Da Qing Ye, but it has a stronger function to cool blood and clear LU heat.

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