Nuan Gan Jian: Regulate Qi

Nuan Gon Jian - "Warm the Liver Decoction"
Remember: "Non gone John" put fennel on his wu yao to warm LV/KD and felt like chen's young
Action: warm LV/KD, move qi to stop pain
Indications: Cold hernia due to LV/KD qi stagnation, lower abdominal pain, afraid of cold, prefer warmth, (T: pale with white coat) (P: deep slow)

Remember: When "Non Gone John" put fennel seed on his wu yao to warm LV/KD hernia pain he felt like Chen's young. When his new wolf eyes saw fresh ginger she looked liked an angel, and he foolishly began doing a cinnamon bark.

King: Xiao Hui Xiang
M: Wu Yao, Chen Xiang
A: rou gui, fu ling, dang gui, gou qi zi
G: sheng jiang
Cautions / Contraindications:

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