Wu Zhu Yu - Warm Interior and Expel Cold
LV, KD, SP, ST (1.5-6g)


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       Wu Zhu Yu Actions and Indications
  • Warms the LV channel; relieves constrained LV qi; relieves pain (LV channel disorders with jueyin headache, epigastric pain with nausea and cold, drooling, reduced taste sensation, cold hernia with lower lateral abdominal pain; also damp-cold leg qi, pale tongue, wiry / weak pulse; )
  • Redirects rebellious qi down to stop vomiting (LV and ST disharmony with hypochondriac pain, regurgitation of sour fluid)
  • Warms Spleen; stops diarrhea (cock's crow diarrhea due to cold from deficiency of SP and KD)
  • Leads fire down (mouth sores, ,tongue sores, hypertension, apply externally)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: drying and can injure qi and yin, not for long-term use)
  • (cc: yin deficiency with heat sign)
  • (cc: overdose may cause dryness of throat)
    Special Notes:
  • Wu Zhu Yu is known to go to the jue yin channels internal cold invasion, whereas Gao Ben goes to the Jue yin to treat external invasion like headaches..
  • Wu Zhu Yu goes to LV, ST, KD and is good for yangming cold related to vomiting.

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