Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang - Regulate Blood
Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang - "Revive health by Invigorate the blood Decoction"
Syndrome: resolve blood stagnation in hypochondrium due to trauma
Actions: invigorates blood, dispels stasis, spreads LV qi, unblocks channels
Indications: excruciating pain in LV/GB, hypochondrium, chest - especially assocaited with trauma

Remember What's in it: When colonel peach got drunk on safflower whiskey to Revive the health by Invigorating Blood she saw an angelic anteater that said "Your Granny cow wants you to stop raising SP yang with Chai Hu and stop smoking and drinking - or you'll end up like Tian Hua Fen!"

King: Tao Ren, Hong hua, Chuan Shan Jia, Dang Gui
M: Tian Hua Fen
A: Chai Hu
G: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:

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