Ding Chuan Tang: Regulate Qi, Descend
Ding Chuan Tang - "Asthma Formula"
Syndrome: Wind Cold External Attack (slight aversion to wind cold), Interior Phlegm Heat, LU fail to descend qi, wheezing, cough with sticky yellow phlegm, (T: yellow greasy coat) (P: slippery rapid)
Action: disperse LU and descend Qi, clear phlegm heat
Key Sx: Wheezing, cough, with yellow phlegm, slightly aversion to wind cold, (T: yellow greasy coat) (P: slippery rapid)

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K: Ma Huang, Bai Guo
M: Su Zi, Xing Ren, Ban Xia, Kuan Dong Hua
A: Huang Qin, Sang Bai Pi
G: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
(cc: Not for LU yin deficiency)

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