Shi Gao - Clear Heat: Drain Fire
LU, ST (15-60g)

Shi Gao is Gypsum Fibrosum - the wandering gypsy
Shi Gao the wandering gypsy loved to sit by the fire in the summer and eat peppers while smoking tobacco which eventually gave her sores and 4 greats (great thirst, great pulse, great fever, and great sweating).
English Name: gypsum
Pharmacuetical Name: Gypsum Fibrosum
Properties: acrid, sweet, very cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
sit by the fire in the summer Clears heat; drains fire
eat peppers ST heat (toothache, red gums, acid reflux, excessive vomit / appetite)
smoking tobacco Clears LU heat
sores heals sores; generates flesh
4 greats 4 greats = early qi stage = yangming stage


       Shi Gao Actions and Indications
  • Clears heat, drains fire (qi level or yangming meridian heat unlike other heat clearing herbs shi gao generates body fluids, red tongue with yellow coat, interior heat without chills, irritability; indicated for 4 greats / 4 bigs: thirst, sweat, pulse, fever)
  • Clears Excess heat from LU (relieve dyspnea or cough and wheeze w/ thick yellow sputum; fever)
  • Clears blazing ST fire (stomach channel heat; headache, toothache, ulcers, red, swollen, painful gums, canker sores; acid reflux, excessive appetite or vomiting due to ST heat; xiao ke)
  • Heals sores; generates flesh (non-healing ulcers, sores, burns, eczema: used topically to promote healing of sores by reducing swelling and bleeding)
  • (cc: weak ST or minute pulse)
  • (cc: yang deficiency or heat from yin deficiency)
  • (cooking: crush and cook 20-30 minutes first)
    Alternate Forms:
  • duan - used topically
  • sheng - used internally

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