Qian Jin Wei Jing Tang: Clear Heat from Zang-Fu organs
"Thousand Gold Reed Decoction with Apricot Kernel and Talcum"
key Sx: LU Abscess (slight fever, cough with chest pain, yellow sticky smelly phlegm, or with pus and blood)
Action: clear LU heat, resolve phlegm, eliminate blood stasis and pus

Remember: "Coin Fluid Wager Time"
Trading coin for loogie wagers was common place on the ship when Captain Dong sailed his guppy to find Job's tears. It was his subordinate Colonel Peach who hawked the biggest loogies, some said it was because she had a LU abcess.

King: Wei Jing (similar to Lu Gen)
M: Dong Gua Ren, Yi Yi Ren
A: Tao Ren
Cautions / Contraindications:

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