Yue Ju Wan: Six Stagnations (Chest, LU, ST, diaphragm)
Yue Ju Wan - "Six Stagnations"
key Sx: Fullness and distension in chest, diaphragm area, stomach, abdominal area with belching, acid reflux, N&V, poor digestion (T: normal, P: wiry)
Action: disperses obstructed qi for food stagnation w/ qi and blood stagnation, damp stagnation, and phlegm fire

Remember: When Chuan Xiong got EMO-PMS he suffered from six stagnations and after he lost an important basketball game at Cang Zhu he was exiled to work the mines with Shen Qu where he never saw gardens again.
King: Xiang Fu
M: Chuan Xiong, Zhi Zi, Cang Zhu, Shen Qu
Treats Six Stagnations:  
Xiang Fu Qi stagnation
Chuan Xiong Blood Stagnation; Phlegm Stagnation
Cang Zhu Damp Stagnation
Shen Qu Food Stagnation
Zhi zi Fire Stagnation

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