Gou Qi Zi - Tonify Yin
LV, KD, LU (6-15g)

Gou Qi Zi - The wolf's eyes

The Wolf's eyes were bright as he went straight for the LV and KD of the poor man who was enriching his yin and moistening his LU with a water bong. The poor man's LV and KD never had a chance.

The wolf ate too much of the soggy man, and thus developed (cc: SP deficiency with dampness, loose stool)

English Name: lycium fruit, matrimony vine fruit, barbary wolfberry
Pharmacuetical Name: Fructus Lycii
Properties: sweet, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
eyes were bright... LV and KD benefits LV and KD; brightens eyes
enriching his yin... sauna enriches yin and moistens LU
LV and KD tonifies LV and KD


      Gou Qi Zi Actions and Indications
  • Tonifies LV and KD (sore back and legs, dizziness, premature gray hair, infertility, nocturnal emission; xiao ke, consumption due to KD essence and yin deficiency, and Liver blood and yin deficiency)
  • Benefits LV and KD; brightens eyes (Liver and Kidney deficiency with eye problems: blurred vision, diminished visual acuity)
  • Enriches Yin and Moistens LU (consumptive cough)
  • (cc: SP def with dampness, loose stools)
    Special Notes:
  • Gou Qi Zi and Ju Hua both brighten the eyes, but Gou Qi Zi is more for deficiency eye problems and Ju Hua is more for excess LYR eyes problems.

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