Wu Ling San- Expel Damp
Syndrome: KD yang qi deficiency w/ Water retention due to bladder lost function of qi transforming
key Sx: Leftover exterior pathogen (headache, slight fever), Water retention in bladder (dysfunction of urination), Dysfunction of qi transforming (thirst), Water qi flows upward (vomiting after just drinking water), Water retention (edema, diarrhea, throbbing pulsation just below umbilicus, dizzy, SOB, cough, large amount of saliva)
Action: Promotes urination, drains dampness, strengthens the SP, warms the yang, and promotes the transforming of qi

When Dr. Wu saw Ze Xie the zebra he lingered at the zoo until he met a crazy fat indian who said "I will bai zhu the little cinnamon boy if you will help me pee, warm my yang, and strengthen my SP...?!?" Needless to say Dr. Wu ran away and never looked back.

King: Ze Xie
M: Zhu Ling, Fu Ling
A: Bai Zhu, Gui Zhi

Cautions / Contraindications:
(cc: not suitable for yellow greasy tongue coat, or when heat > damp)

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