Zhi Mu - Clear Heat: Drain Fire
LU, ST, KD (6-12g)

Zhi sounds like bird -The bird and the Cow...
When the tobacco barn was destroyed by a summer time fire, the poor cow inhaled too much tobacco smoke and went looking for an oasis where he could generate fluids and moisten dryness.

But the cow wasn't careful and ate too many coconuts, which led to (cc: diarrhea with SP deficiency)

English Name: anemarrhena, common anemarrhena rhizome
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Anemarrhenae
Properties: bitter, sweet, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
summer time fire Clears heat; Drains fire
tobacco smoke clears LU heat
oasis clear deficient heat; nourish KI yin
generate fluids and moisten dryness generates fluid; moistens dryness (constipation)


       Zhi Mu Actions and Indications
  • Clears heat, drains fire (relieves irritability; qi level or yangming meridian fire: LU / ST)
  • Clears heat from LU (cough w/ thick yellow sputum)
  • Nourishes KD Yin; clears deficient heat (KD yin deficiency with heat: nocturnal emissions, spermatorrhea, abnormally elevated sex drive, night sweating)
  • Generates Fluid, moistens dryness (xiao ke; constipation with dry intestines; nourishes yin)
  • (cc: diarrhea due to SP deficiency)
    Special Notes:
  • Zhi Mu and Shi Gao are often used synergistically to clear fire and preserve yin.

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