Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang - Release Exterior W/C

Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang - Nine Herb decoction with Notopterygium
(for External W-C-Damp with interior heat)
... use this Fm with External W-C excessive syndrome (aversion to cold, fever, no sweating, sticky neck, headache, soreness and pain in the body)
... use this Fm with Wind cold damp (Bitter taste in mouth with slight thirst)
... use this Fm with Interior Heat (T: white or slight yellow coat, P: floating)

Remember: The king of Thailand Qiang Huo administered Cang Zoo, a zoo of legend and myth, in the windy cold damp mountains of Thailand. In some of the zoo cages could be found a Werewolf, a T-rex, a giant White Bird, and two prisoners. Little Chuan Xiong was imprisoned for starting wind twisters, while Sheng Di Huang was imprisoned just to keep him from making a mess on the floor at home. Poor Granny Cow had to guide visitors to and from Cang Zoo every night.

King: Qiang Huo
Minister: Fang Feng, Cang Zhu
A 1: Xi Xin, Bai Zhi, Chuan Xiong
A 2: Sheng Di Huang, Huang Qin
Guide: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) not suitable for exterior wind-heat pattern or yin deficiency interior heat

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