Xu Duan- Tonify Yang
KD, LV (10-20g)


Xu Duan ("Xu Duan to suck my blooood??")
Said the vampire to the aspiring vampiress.... "Xu Duan to suck my blood?? It vill giff you everlasting life (tonifies KD and LV) and strengthen your bones and tendons!"

"I'm not sure", replied the would-be vampiress. "My unborn fetus is freaking out right now and I might have some uterine bleeding soon!!"

The vampire lord was so offended that he began running in circles until he broke his sinews and bones.

English Name: dipsacus, Himalayan teasel root
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Dipsaci
Properties: bitter, sweet, acrid, slightly warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
tonifies KD and LV... strengthen your bones and tendons! tonifies LV and KD; strengthens bones and sinews
unborn fetus is freaking out... uterine bleeding calms fetus; stops uterine bleeding
running in circles... broke his sinews and bones invigorates blood ... promotes mending of sinews and bones


      Xu Duan Actions and Indications
  • Tonifies the LV and KD; strengthens bones and sinews (aches and pains in lower extremities due to inability to nourish mucles, sore and painful lower back, knees, stiffness in joints, weakness in legs from KDI and LV deficiency; tonifies without causing stagnation, polyuria, spermatorrhea)
  • Stops uterine bleeding; calms fetus (uterine bleeding due to deficiency; restless fetus, habitual miscarriage in first trimester, bleeding during pregnancy, threatened miscarriage)
  • Invigorates blood; promotes mending sinews and bones (topical or internal use for trauma and fractures, sprains, strains, pain and swelling in lower back and limbs due to trauma, painful bi; also in combination for boils and sores)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Chao or Chao Tan - for excessive uterine bleeding
    Special Notes:
  • Both Xu Duan and Du Zhong tonify the LV and KD and strengthen sinews and bones, calms restless fetus, stop uterine bleeding, and help soreness and pain in the low back and knees.
  • For traumatic injuries with severe pain, swelling, or broken bones: Mix Xu Duan, Gu Sui Bu, Dang Gui, and Da Huang powder with grain based liquor and apply to the injury topically.

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