Ba Zheng San - Expel Damp
Syndrome: damp heat in the bladder obstructs qi movement and injures fluids
Action: Clears heat, promotes urination, and unblocks PUD
Key Sx: Urgent urination, frequent urine, urinary pain dysuria, lower abdominal pain, dry throat, dry mouth, (T: yellow greasy, P: slippery rapid)

Remember: "Boxing Sand"
After little verona excess flower used a pitchfork to punish queen mai in the "boxing sand" ring, she got a UTI with damp-heat obstructing and injuring fluids. For a remedy she went to the garden and picked some che qian zi to put in her bian xu house coffee. That was a health remedy that Dr. Yellow's Granny Cow had used to treat those dang zen cows.

King: Hua Shi, Chuan Mu Tong
M: Qu Mai, Bian Xu, Che Qian Zi
A: Zhi Zi, Da Huang
G/A: Gan Cao, Deng Xin Cao

Cautions / Contraindications:

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