Zhi Sou San - Release Exterior W/C
Zhi Sao San - Stop coughing powder (for coughing during W-C invasion when LU qi fails to disperse)
... use this Fm when there is external W-C (slight aversion to wind, fever, itchy throat, difficult to cough phlegm out, T:thin white coating, floating slow pulse)

Remember: When Obiwan Kenobe died from W-C cough with itchy throat, he became a white ghost and jogged straight up to heaven. There he was give a white coin, which he immediately took into an adult bar where he saw Jing Jie acting like a chimpanzee without a Granny cow.

King: Zi Wan, Bai Bu
Minister: Jie Geng, Bai Qian
Assistant: Jing Jie, Chen Pi
Guide: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) Not suitable for cough due to yin deficiency or LU excessive heat)

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