Yi Yi Ren - Promote Urination and Relieve Edema


Yi Yi Ren (Jobs Tears)

As the rain came down it made Job pee on himself and his weak SP gave way to diarrhea. As the rain storm poured down on him poor Job cried to lord in B flat - "Lord please heal these hot pus sores and bring joy back into my life!!"

English Name: coix seeds, job's tears
Pharmacuetical Name: Semen Coicis
Properties: sweet, bland, cool

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
rain... pee drains dampness; promotes urination
weak SP gave way to diarrhea strengthens SP to stop diarrhea
rain storm... B flat expels wind-damp bi
hot pus sores clears heat; expels pus


       Yi Yi Ren Actions and Indications
  • Drains dampness, promotes urination (damp accumulaion due to SP deficiency, urinary difficulty, edema, damp leg qi, damp-heat lin, damp predominant warm febrile disease)
  • Strengthens SP to Stop diarrhea (SP deficiency with damp diarrhea: strengthens SP and promotes urination)
  • Clears heat; expels pus (LU or intestinal abcess)
  • Expels Wind-Damp bi (tight sinews, spasms, wind-damp painful obstruction: poor joint mobility)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Chao- to tonify SP
  • Sheng- to leach damp and clear heat
    Special Notes:
  • Modern use for treating plantar warts, internal or topically.

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