Er Miao San - Expel Damp
Er Miao San - "Two Marvel Powder"
Syndrome: Damp-Heat lower jiao (damp heat bi, damp-heat atrophy, damp-heat leucorrhea, damp-heat eczema)
Key Sx: bone sinew pain, red painful knees and feet, disability of lower limbs, leucorrhea, eczema in lower body, (T: yellow greasy coat)
Ingredients: Huang Bo (aka: Huang Bai), Cang Zhu often in Jiang Zhi (ginger juice)

When the yellow lion was imprisoned in cang zoo he got damp-heat in lower jiao and said "Er Meow... sucks!".

Huang Lian + Bai Zhu

Cautions / Contraindications:
1) This formula should not be used without modification in cases with Lung heat or Liver and Kidney deficiency.
    Common Modifications:
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