Zhu Ling Tang - Expel Damp
Zhu Ling Tang- "Polyporus Decoction"
Syndrome: KD Yin deficiency with heat and water accumulation, Heat in the BL and injury to yin
Key Symptoms:
-Water retention and heat blocks qi transforming (urinary difficulty)
-heat burns yin fluid (fever, thirst)
-heat disturbs heart shen (restlessness, insomnia)
-(T: red with white or slightly yellow coat, P: thin rapid)

Remember: Little Excess Flower lingered at the zoo for a while when saw the donkey and the zebra acting foolish.

King: Zhu Ling
Minister: Fu Ling, Ze Xie
Assistant: Hua Shi, E Jiao
Cautions / Contraindications:

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