Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang - Regulate Blood

Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang -
"Drive out Stasis in the mansion of blood"
Action: Promotes circulation of blood and qi, removes blood stasis, relieves pain
Key Sx: Blood stasis in the chest with LV qi stagnation manifested as prolonged chest pain or headache marked by piercing pain and fixed location, or chronic hiccups (ST qi flows up), dry heaves, and choking when drinking water, palpitations, insomnia, irritability, easily to get angry, or tidal fever, purplish lips, darkness around eyes, dark red or purple tongue, T: dark red, P: choppy (or hesistant, wiry, and tight)

When chai hu got Colonel peach drunk on safflower whiskey in the Mansion of Blood they ended up having an angelic love affair that ended when they felt remorseful and decided to become new sheep. At the jungle compound they saw many attrocities. When a guard named chuan xiong reported that granny cow had done the shame of juan they spun her in circles and made her jog behind the white pony for miles and miles.
K: Tao Ren, Hong Hua 
M: Chuan Xiong, Chi Shao, Niu Xi
A1: Dang Gui, Sheng Di Huang
A2: Jie Geng, Zhi Ke, Chai Hu
G: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:

(cc: pregnancy)

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