Sheng Mai San - Tonify Qi

Sheng Mai San
- "Generate the Pulse powder"
Syndrome: Summer heat leads to heavy sweating OR chronic cough with LU deficiency
Action: tonify qi and generate body fluid, astringe yin to stop sweating
Key Sx Summer Heat: fatigue, SOB, heavy sweating, dry throat, thirst, (T: red with little coat) (P: weak, rapid)
Key Sx LU deficiency: dry throat and mouth, fatigue, SOB, non-productive cough or with little phlegm, cough with sweating (P: thin weak)

Remember: "Fresh Mai Men Dong San"
Too much fresh mai men dong in the hot summer heat leads to heavy sweating with SOB and can give you the shen of ren and make you too lazy.
King: Ren Shen
Minister: Mai Dong
Assistant: Wu Wei Zi
Cautions / Contraindications:
(cc: none specified)

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