Qiang Huo Sheng Shi Tang - Expel Wind and Dry Dampness
"Notopterygium Decoction to Overcome Dampness"
Syndrome: Wind-Damp Bi
Action: Expels wind and dries damp
Symptoms: channel / muscle pain all over the body (T: white) (P: floating)

When Qiang Huo got W-D bi he needed some Du Huo so he called his friends Robin and the Werewolf to go and fetch it from his Granny Cow. But Granny became SO energetic when she discovered that Qiang Huo was sick because had become friends with a Storm Giant, and she decided to let poor Qiang Huo suffer.

K: Qiang Huo, Du Huo
M: Gao Ben, Fang Feng
A: Man Jing Zi, Chuan Xiong
G: Zhi Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
cc: Use with caution in patients with constitutional yin deficiency or any condition with heat.
    Common Modifications:
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