Che Qian Zi - Damp: Promote Urination and Relieve PUD
UB, KI, LV, LU (6-15g)


Che Qian Zi (Plantago Seed)

When the jungle natives were duped into trading plantago seed for de-caf coffee they started a forest fire to blind the Spanish and chased them into the hot swamps to suffer from hot LU phlegm.

Because of the insult pregnant queen (cc: pregnancy) decided to hide her face from the Spanish forever (cooking: decoct in cheesecloth)

English Name: plantago seed, asiatic plantain seed, plantain seed
Pharmacuetical Name: Semen Plantaginis
Properties: sweet, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
jungle clears damp heat
de-caf coffee promotes urination; clears DH from the BL
forest fire... blind clears LV heat; brightens the eyes
hot swamps... hot LU phlegm expel phlegm from LU


      Che Qian Zi Actions and Indications
  • Promotes urination; Clears Damp Heat from Bladder (damp-heat lin, damp heat in lower jiao, bloody lin, edema)
  • Solidifies stool via urination (diarrhea d/t summer heat, especially watery diarrhea due to excessive dampness; infantile diarrhea)
  • Clears LV heat and benefits the eyes (LV or KD yin def w/ dry/red/swollen eyes or sensitive to light; modern use for hypertension)
  • Expels phlegm from LU (profuse yellow phlegm)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cooking: decoct in cheesecloth)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Che Qian Cao (Herba Plantago Asiatica) - sweet, cold; similar to che qian zi's actions, especially good at clearing heat, relieving toxicity; 10-20 gm
    Special Notes:
  • There are many different species of plantago, but according to the literature all species of plantago have a similar function and can be used interchangeably.

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