Xiao Qing Long Tang - Release Exterior W/C

Xiao Qing Long Tang - Minor Blue-green dragon decoction
(for external W-C with excess water retention)
... use this Fm when there is external W-C (aversion to cold, fever, headache, body pain, no sweating, P: floating)
... use this Fm when there Water Retention in the diaphragm (cough, wheezing, profuse watery phlegm, nausea, white slippery tongue coating)

Remember: When the little Cinnamon Twig boy slew the MINOR blue-green dragon he wanted to be king, so his Mama Yellow and Granny Cow hosted a feast of T-rex and Fried Ginger. The lady Ban Xia was forced to play volleyball for the feast, and if she became too lazy she was made to ride the White Pony.

King: Ma Huang, Gui Zhi
M: Gan Jiang, Xi Xin
A: Bai Shao, Wu Wei Zi, Ban Xia
A/Guide: Zhi Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) Not suitable for non productive cough with yin deficiency heat)

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