Gui Zhi- Release Exterior: Wind Cold
(LU, HT, UB) - (3-9g)


Gui Zhi
- The warm hearted little Cinnamon Boy
Cinnamon twig was a warm hearted little boy who lived in harmony with his parents: Ying and Wei. One time a freezing cold wind storm led to a cold traffic jam and he ran out of gas. When he got home he had some frostbite so they wrapped him in blankets and put him in the steam room to help transform qi and reduce edema.

English Name: cinnamon twigs, cassia twigs
Pharmacuetical Name: Ramulus Cinnamoni
Properties: acrid, sweet, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
warm hearted boy warms HT yang qi
harmony ying and wei... freezing cold wind storm harmonizes ying and wei; release exterior wind-cold
cold traffic jam warms and unblocks channels
steam room warms yang to eliminate water or phlegm - reduce edema


       Gui Zhi Actions and Indications
  • Harmonizes Ying and Wei; release exterior wind-cold (in combination with bai shao to harmonize ying and wei; induces sweating to release exterior wind-cold excess)
  • Warms and unblocks channels (gynecological problems due to cold blockage of blood vessels, wind-cold-damp bi syndrome in joints and limbs, especially shoulder)
  • Warms Heart Yang Qi (irregular pulse, chest bi, palpitations due to obstructed flow of yang qi in chest or heart)
  • Warms Yang to Eliminate water or phlegm - reduces edema (phlegm, fluids and edema accumulations due to yang qi deficiency)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: excessive menstruation)
  • (cc: warm febrile disease, yin deficiency with heat, bleeding due to heat in blood)
    Special Notes:
  • Compare to Rou Gui
  • Gui Zhi has a slight diuretic effect, use caution with diuretic drugs.

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