Ke Xue Fang- Stop Bleeding
Ke Xue Fang
Syndrome: LV fire invading LU
key Sx: yellow phlegm, difficult to expectorate, injury to blood vessels, cough with blood, restlessness, irritability, dry throat, bitter taste, red cheeks, constipation (T: red with yellow coat, P: wiry rapid)

Remember What's in it: When King Die caught Gua Lou Ren sleeping in the garden, being high and full of *it*, he got LV insulting LU and said "Off with his head - He sleeps!"
King: Qing Dai, Zhi Zi
M1: Gua Lou Ren, Fu Hai Shi (Hai Fen)
A: He Zi
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) not suitable for LU-KD yin deficiency
2) loose stools due to SP deficiency

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