- Transform Phlegm Cold
Pi Pa Ye: Resolve Phlegm, Cough and Wheeze
(LU, ST - 4.5-12g)


Pi Pa Ye - Yeah pi pa - I want some summer swamp candy!!!

Pi Pa always ate summer swamp candy when he got cough due to smoking, but it gave him hiccups.

English Name: eriobotrya, loquat leaf
Pharmacuetical Name: Folium Eriobotryae
Properties: bitter, cool

Explanation of Key Words in this story...
swamp...smoking... cough dissolve phlegm; clears LU heat; stops cough
hiccups harmonizes and redirects qi down


      Pi Pa Ye Actions and Indications
  • Dissolve phlegm, clears LU heat; stops cough (cough d/t LU heat patterns, also redirects LU qi downward; moistens LU dryness)
  • Harmonizes ST and redirects qi downward (redirects ST qi down, nausea and vomiting; hiccups; belching due to ST heat)
  • (cc: cold conditions)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Sheng - harmonizes Stomach
  • Mi Zhi - moistens LU, stops cough
    Special Notes:
  • Fry Pi Pa Ye with honey to treat cough and moisten LU, while unprocessed Pi Pa Ye dissolves phlegm and relieves cough.
  • Pinworm was treated with 78.85% success by boiling 100g of Pi Pa Ye for 1 hour to yield 200 mL decoction. Drink 100 mL of decoction on an empty stomach at morning and again at night for 15 days.

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