Qing Gu San: Clear Deficient Heat
Qing Gu San: "Cool the bones powder"
Action: Clears heat from deficiency and alleviates steaming bone disorder
Nickname: "King Guessing was King Hao"

Remember: When King guessing, aka Qing Hao, got steaming bones in the desert a nomad told him "the dingo took my starving baby to the yellow lion cave!!!" King How was so upset that he had a vietnam flashback and called his granny to kill the jap!!

King: Yin Chai Hu
M: Qing Hao, Qin Jiao, Zhi Mu, Di Gu Pi, Hu Huang Lian
A: Bie jia
G: Gan Cao
Cautions / Contraindications:

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