Bie Jia - Tonify Yin
KD, LV (9-30g)

Bie Jia - Be a Jap!!
The Jap boat had been anchoring its yang behind the dark side of the hill when it suddenly appeared. The captain shouted that 'be a jap - CRUSH them!!' As the crew began fighting in close quarters a young lady sailor with big nodules and invigorated blood from menstruation led the attack.

She should have been more careful since she was (cc:pregnancy). After the battle the men all got really drunk on cheap Mexican Tequila which caused some (cc: cold due to SP def. w/ reduced appetite and diarrhea)

English Name: tortoise shell
Pharmaceutical Name: Carpax Trionycis
Properties: Carapax Trionycis

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
CRUSH THEM crush before decocting
dark side of the hill... anchoring their yang nourishes yin; anchors yang
nodules... invigorated blood... menstruation nodules... invigorates blood... promotes menstruation due to blood stasis


      Bie Jia Actions and Indications
  • Nourishes yin; anchors yang (LV and KD yin def. night sweats, steaming bone disorder, consumption; also internal LV wind)
  • Invigorates blood; dissipates nodules; promotes menstruation (chest and flank accumulations causing pain and amenorrhea; malarial disorders with palpable masses)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: cold due to SP def. w/reduced appetite and diarrhea)
  • (cooking: CRUSH and cook 30 minutes prior to adding other ingredients)
    Alternate Forms:
  • sheng- to nourish yin and anchor yang
  • cu zhi- dissipates nodules

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