Xi Jiao - Clear Heat: Cool Blood
HT, LV, ST (0.5-1.5g)

Xi Jiao - Rhino Horn
Hot blooded Rhinos will make you bleed in the toxic desert. Watch for warning signs like tremors and/or un-calm spirits.

Be especially careful around Rhinos that are pregnant (cc: pregnancy) and/or tired (cc: qi deficiency). Remember that Rhinos can be antagonistic at times (cc: antagonistic with chuan wu, fu zi, cao wu, and lei wan)

English Name: rhinoceros horn
Pharmacuetical Name: Cornu Rhinoceri
Properties: bitter, salty, cold

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
hot blooded... bleed cools blood; stops bleeding
toxic desert relieves toxic heat
tremors... un-calm spirits stops tremors and calms spirit


       Xi Jiao Actions and Indications
  • Cools blood; Stops bleeding (epistaxis, hematemesis, heat in ying and blood level with fever, reckless movement of blood)
  • Clears toxic heat (erythema, purpura, fever)
  • Calms spirit and stops tremors (delirium, convulsions, unrelenting fever, loss of consciousness, manic behavior)
  • (cc: pregnancy)
  • (cc: qi deficiency)
  • (note: antagnostic with chuan wu, fu zi, cao wu, and lei wan)
    Alternate Forms:
  • Shui Niu Jiao (Cornu Bubali) - Buffalo Horn. similar but milder; 15-30g: shred and cook first
    Special Notes:
  • illegal, use shui niu jiao instead. Shui niu jiao is similar but milder, use 15-30g Shui niu jiao

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