San Ren Tang - Expel Damp
Syndrome: Damp is greater than Heat (Damp obstructs defensive yang and blocks qi movement. DH steaming)
Key Symptoms: Headache, aversion to cold, body heaviness pain, lassitude, chest oppressed, afternoon fever, yellow complexion (T: white coat, P: wiry thin)
Action: Dissemenates the qi, facilitates the qi mechanisms, and clears damp-heat

Remember: Sand Ren Time
When King Ren took some time and went to the beach he liked the water more than the sun (use when damp > heat), which caused to him to see illusions. He saw the white dao cow cry job's tears he told little verona excess flower to stop poking it with her pitchfork. But it was dan zhu ye the grouchy orangutan who learned how to make the dao cow truly happy by offering ban xia to be his po hou.

King: Xing Ren, Bai Dou Kou (aka: Bai Kou Ren), Yi Yi Ren
M: Hua Shi, Tong Cao, Zhu Ye
A: Ban Xia, Hou Po

Cautions / Contraindications:
(cc: not suitable for yellow greasy tongue coat, or when heat > damp)

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