Da Huang Mu Dan Tang - Drain Downward: Heat
Da Huang Mu Dan Tang (Intestinal carbuncle with damp-heat accumulation syndrome)
... use this Fm when there is damp heat, blood stasis, clumping, and swelling (right lower abdominal pain, tenderness, yellow greasy tongue coat, P: slippery rapid)
Remember: Dr. Yellow made dan pee in a cup since they suspected he had been sniffing mirabilite with colonel peach while out sailing on captain dong's guppy.
King: Da Huang, Mu Dan Pi
M: Mang Xiao, Tao Ren
A: Dong Gua Pi
Cautions / Contraindications:
1) Not suitable for venting intestinal carbuncle
2) Not for old patients, weak patients, pregnant patients, nor postpartum

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