Clear Heat Formulas

Clear Heat -> Qi Stage

Bai Hu Tang "Gypsum Combination" - "White tiger decoction"
key Sx: Yangming Channel Heat (great heat/thirst/sweat/pulse)
Action: Clear heat, promote body fluids
Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang key Sx: For injury to the qi and fluids characterized by fever, thirst, profuse sweating, generalized weakness, and P: large, forceless)
Bai hu Jia Gui Zhi Tang key Sx: For wind-damp heat painful obstruction characterized by high fever, sweating, irritability, thirst, pain and swelling of the joints, (T: white coat, P: wiry rapid). Also for Malaria.
Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang "Bamboo Leaves and Gypsum Combination"
Key Sx: later stage qi level heat with qi and fluid injury (fever, sweating, SOB, fatigue, restlessness, thirst, nausea, T: red with little coat, P: weak/ rapid)
Action: clear heat, promote body fluid, tonify qi and regulate ST

Clear Heat-> Ying and Blood levels
Qing Ying Tang "Clear the Nutritive (Ying) level decoction"
Key Sx: Heat transmitted to Ying Stage (severe night fever, no thirst, restlessness, insomnia, sometimes delerium, macula scattered, thirst, T: dry deep and red, P: thin and rapid)
Action: clear heat and detoxification, penetrate heat and nourish yin

Xi Jiao Di huang Tang

key Sx: Heat in Blood stage (high fever, restlessness, bleeding, coma, delirium, vomiting blood, nose bleed, bloody urine or stools, dark purple rashes, thirst w/out desire to drink, P: thin rapid, T: crimson with prickles)
Action: Clears heat fire detoxification, cool bloods, dissipates blood stagnation, and stops bleeding
Components: Xi Jiao, Sheng Di Huang, Mu Dan Pi, Shao Yao
Remember: When the Rhino had the Shame of Juan like Mu Dan Pi he grabbed a Shao Yao to clean up the mess.

Clear Heat -> Clear heat and detoxification
Huang Lian Jie Du Tang "Detoxify three burners formula"
key Sx: San Jiao excessive fire toxins (high fever, restlessness, dry mouth, T: red with yellow coat, P: rapid and forceful)
Action: Drain fire and detoxification
Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin "Universal benefit decoction to eliminate toxins"
Key Sx: Wind-heat toxin in upper jiao (swollen in face, aversion to cold, fever, T: red with yellow coat)
Action: Expel wind pathogen, clear heat and detoxifcation
Liang Ge San "Forsythia and Rhubarb formula"
Key Sx: Heat in all three Jiaos (lower: constipation, middle: red complexion, dry lips, thirst, vomit blood, upper: chest heat and restlessness, ulceration in mouth, sore throat)
Action: Drain fire and promote defecation, clear the upper and purge
Nickname: "Lion Guessing"
Xian Fang Huo Ming Yin "Sublime formula for sustaining life"
Key Sx: Carbuncles and swelling due to yang syndrome pattern, feverish sensation
Action: Clear heat, detoxifcation, eliminate swollen and hardness, invigorate blood, relieve pain
Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin "Five ingredient decoction to eliminate carbuncles"
Key Sx: beginning of carbuncles (fever, aversion to cold, carbuncle has shape of grain, deep root)
Action: clear heat, detoxification, eliminate carbuncle

Clear Heat -> Zang-Fu organ heat
Dao Chi San "Rehmannia and Clematis Armandi Formula"
key Sx: Heart and Small Intestine channel heat (chest restless heat, thirst, red complexion, desire for cold drink, ulceration in mouth and tongue, dark scanty painful urination, T: red with yellow greasy coat, P: rapid) HT Fire Transferring to SI (dark urine with burning pain, T: red, P: rapid)
Action: clear heart, promote urination, nourish yin
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang "Gentiana Longdancao Decoction to Drain the Liver"
Key Sx: Liver fire flares upward, LV damp heat (hypochondria pain, headache, red eyes, bitter taste, deafness, swelling or itching in genitals, smelly leukorrhea, or menstrual irregularities in women, hot painful difficult urination that is dark yellow and smelly, along with other conditions that affect the external genitalia (herpes, eczema, tinea) T: red with yellow greasy coat, P: wiry rapid)
Action: Clear LV/GB excessive fire, drain heat from lower jiao

Zuo Jin Wan

Key Sx: LV qi stagnation transformed into fire (hypochondria pain, bitter taste, T: red with yellow coat, P: wiry rapid), LV fire invading ST (upset in epigastria, acid regurgitation, vomiting)
Action: clear LV fire, descend vomiting
Remember: Zorro's little helper, Zuo Jin Wan, was a firefighting fox who could magically transform his LV Qi stag into fire. He was so tough that it took 6 yellow lions to take him down (6:1 ratio)
Ingredients: Huang lian 9g, Wu Zhu Yu 1.5g
Important: The ratio of Huang Lian to Wu Zhu Yu is (6:1 ratio)
Qian Jin Wei Jing Tang Key Sx: LU abscess (slight fever, cough with chest pain, yellow sticky phlegm, or with pus or blood)
Action: clear Lu heat, resolve phlegm, eliminate blood stasis
Nickname: "Coin Fluid Wager Time"

Xie Bai San

Key Sx: Residual heat in LU causing qi to rebel (cough, wheeze, heat in skin, severe in afternoon from 3-5pm, dry mouth and throat, T: red with yellow coat, P: thin rapid)
Action: clear LU heat, calms wheezing and cough
Qing Wei San "Clear the Stomach Powder"
Key Sx: Accumulate heat in ST transformed into Fire and flaring upwards (smelly mouth, dry mouth, toothache causes headache, fever in cheeks, teeth prefer cold and aversion to heat, bleeding gums, swollen cheeks, ulceration in gums, T: red with yellow coat, P: slippery rapid)
Action: Drain ST fire, cool blood, nourish Yin
Yu Nu Jian "Jade lady Decoction"
Key Sx: ST yin deficiency with heat (ST heat: headache, toothache, bleeding gums; Deficient Shao Yin heat: loose teeth, restlessness, heat, thirst, T: red with yellow dry coat)
Action: Clear ST heat, nourish KD yin
Shao Yao Tang "Peony Decoction"
Key Sx: Damp Heat Diarrhea (abdominal pain, tenesmus, diarrhea with blood and pus, burning anus, concentrated urine, T: yellow greasy coat)
Action: Clear heat, dry dampness, regulate qi and blood
Bai Tou Weng Tang "Chinese Pulsatilla Combination"
Key Sx: Heat Toxin Dysentery (Abdominal pain, tenesmus, burning anus, more bleeding than pus in stools, thirst, T: red with yellow coat, P: wiry rapid)
Action: Clear heat toxin, cool blood, stop dysentery

Clear Heat -> Clear deficient heat
Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang Syndrome: Late stage of warm disease, pathogenic heat hidden in Yin aspects, fluid has been damaged
key Sx: Fever at night but cool in the morning, no sweating after fever gone, T: red with little coating, P: thin rapid
Action: Nourishes the yin and vents heat
Nickname: "king how bit a jap tongue"
Dang Gui Liu Huang Tang Action: Tonify qi and defensive qi, nourish yin, purge fire
Nickname: "Angel's Loose Yellow Tongue"
Lan Shi Mi Cang Action: Nourish yin, purge fire; consolidate exterior to stop sweating
Nickname: "Lay'n on sheep wool by the fire makes me hot but it helps to Consolidate-Against-Not-Good sweat pathogens"
Qing Gu San "Cool the bone powder"
Action: Clears heat from deficiency and alleviates steaming bone disorder
Nickname: "King Gusan has steaming bones with deficient heat"

Clear Heat -> Clear Summer Heat
Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin key Sx: Wind cold attack during summer (aversion to cold, fever, no sweating, restlessness, thirst, red complexion) with dampness (heaviness in body, chest, epigastria). T: white w/ greasy coat, floating rapid pulse.
Action: Expel summer heat, release exterior, clear heat and resolve dampness
Nickname: "When the wind cold damp storms attacked during the summer, Ninja Johnny Ru loved to watch Hou Po dance..."
.... Xiang Ru San Action: as above (Xin Jia Xiang Ru Yin) and regulates middle jiao
Ingredients: Xiang Ru, Hou Po, Bai Bian Dou
Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang Key Sx: Summer heat has damaged the qi, yin, and fluids (feverish sensation, restlessness, fatigue, SOB, lassitude, heavy sweating, thirst, concentrated urine, P: rapid and weak)
Action: Clears sumer heat, augments the qi, nourishes the yin, and generates fluid
Nickname: "King Shu's Yin and Qi decoction"
CC: Not suitable for summer heat with damp
Liu Yi San Action: Summer heat with damp (clears summer heat, resolves damp, augments the qi)
Key facts: The ratio of Hua Shi to Gan Cao is 6 to 1
Nickname: "Liu's Yin Powder" is for summer heat with damp
.... Yi Yuan San Action: Clear Heart, eliminate summer heat, calm shen
Ingredients: Liu Yi San + Zhu Sha, Deng Xin Cao
.... Bi Yu San Action: Clear summer heat with damp, and LV/GB heat
Ingredients: Liu Yi San + Qing Dai
.... Ji Su San Action: Clear summer heat with damp, and slight aversion to wind-cold: head distension pain, cough
Ingredients: Liu Yi San + Bo He
Gui Ling Gan Lu Yin Action: Clear summer heat with damp, transform qi and damp (fever, headache, restlessness, thirst desire for water, difficult urination, diarrhea, vomiting)
Nickname: "Guilding GanLu" was a camel with summer heat and damp
Qing Luo Yin Action: mild summer heat attacking LU channel in qi stage (expel and penetrate summer heat)
Nickname: "King LoYin was LoVin' the summer heat a little too much, and so he got mild summer heat)