Sang Ji Sheng - Dispel Wind Damp and Strengthen Bones & Tendons
LV, KD (9-18g)

Song of Shame
The song of shame is sung at the gruesome sacrifical ritual of the elemental temple-fortress of wind and water. The ritual is gruesome. The priest rips out the LV and KD of the poor sacrificial victim first, and the fetus second. Then he eats them to tonify his blood.

Personally I am rather neutral (note: nuetral temperature) to the practice but some find the cannibalism shameful. As you might imagine, all the sacrifical victims waiting there in the temple have a good bit of hypertension.

English Name: taxillus, Chinese taxillus
Pharmacuetical Name: Herba Taxilli
Properties: bitter, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
bones and sinews; elemental temple-fortress of wind and water; LV and KD dispels wind-damp; strengthens tendons and bones; tonifies LV and KD
tonify his blood.... calm his pet fetus nourishes blood; calms fetus


      Sang Ji Sheng Actions and Indications
  • Dispels wind-damp; tonifies LV and KD; strengthens tendons and bones (wind-damp bi; chronic LV and KD def w/ sore back and knees; joint problems, numbness, atrophy or swelling of legs)
  • Nourishes blood; Calms fetus (restless fetus due to blood and yin deficiency; uterine bleeding during pregnancy, benefit skin w/ dryness due to blood deficiency)
  • Treats Hypertension (see: Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin)
  • Jiu Zhi: To enhance function to expel wind damp
  • (note: compare with xu duan and du zhong)
    Special Notes:
  • Some other traditional texts have reported San Ji Sheng to treat hair loss, loose teeth, and insufficient breast milk.
  • Compared to wu jia pi, sang ji sheng is more tonifying.

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