Sheng Ma - Release Exterior: Wind Heat
LI, LU, SP, ST - (1.5-9g)

Shen's G-Ma took good care when he had the measles...
Dr. Shen's Grand-Ma strongly raised his SP yang when he caught the measles from playing outside with his friends in the toxic desert.

Shen's G-Ma was especially careful with him while he had (cc: fully erupted measles) and wouldn't let him shoot hoops since she was concerned that it could cause (cc: heat due to yin deficiency, LYR, upper excess and lower deficiency)

English Name: cimicifuga, large trifoliolious bugbane rhizome, dahurian bugbane rhizome, skunk bugbane rhizome
Pharmacuetical Name: Rhizoma Cimicifugae
Properties: acrid, sweet, cool
Explanation of Key Words in this story...
measles... outside vents measles; releases exterior
toxic desert clears toxic heat
strongly raised his SP yang strongly raises SP yang


      Sheng Ma Actions and Indications
  • Strongly Raises SP Yang (shortness of breath, fatigue, prolapse of organs due to SP yang qi sinking, acts as an upward guiding herb)
  • Release exterior; vents measles (fever, itching, external wind-heat headache, sore throat or early stage measles)
  • Clears toxic heat (fire toxin in upper portion of body, particularly in mouth and throat: toothache, red swollen painful gums, lip ulcers, canker sores, painful swollen throat)
  • (cc: heat due to yin deficiency, Liver yang rising, upper excess and lower deficiency)
  • (cc: fully erupted measles)
    Special Notes:
  • 3 herbs commonly combined to treat prolapse of internal organs are Sheng Ma, Chai Hu, and Ge Gen. A comparison of Ge Gen, Chai Hu, and Sheng Ma reveals that Ge Gen is weakest to lift SP yang while Sheng Ma is strongest to lift SP yang.

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