Ge Gen - Release Exterior: Wind Heat
SP, ST - (10-20g)


When general Ge Gen laid siege to the great city his men caught the measles and developed fever and muscle pain. Knowing that he could turn this to his advantage he ordered his men to weakly lift their SP yang by catapulting their diarrhea covered blankets over the walls. Finally he ordered his men to infect the river so that the besieged city would be unable to relieve thirst and nourish fluids.

English Name: pueraria root, kudzu, lobed kudzuvine
Pharmacuetical Name: Radix Puerariae
Properties: sweet, acrid, cool
Explanation of Key Words in this story...
measles vents measles
weakly lift their SP yang... diarrhea weakly lifts SP yang; alleviates diarrhea
relieve thirst and nourish fluids nourishes fluid; alleviates thirst
fever and muscle pain releases muscle; reduces fever


      Ge Gen Actions and Indications
  • Releases muscles; reduces fever (exterior disorder lodged in muscle layer with fever, chills, headache, stiff or tight upper back and neck)
  • Nourishes the fluid; alleviates thirst (thirst due to febrile diseases, yin deficiency xiao ke)
  • Vents measles (early stage incomplete expression of measles)
  • Lifts SP yang; alleviates diarrhea (weakly lifts SP yang, diarrhea due to heat; diarrhea due to SP deficiency - combine with other herbs)
  • (cc: careful with yang deficient diarrhea)
    Alternative Forms:
  • Ge Hua (Flos Pueraria lobata) - sweet, cool; ST; relieves alcoholic poisoning; 3-12g
    Special Notes:
  • For incomplete expression of measles combine Ge Gen with Sheng Ma, Bai Shao, and Gan Cao
  • A comparison of Ge Gen, Chai Hu, and Sheng Ma reveals that Ge Gen is weakest to lift SP yang while Sheng Ma is strongest to lift SP yang.
  • Considered the best herb for acute neck and shoulder injury
  • Modern use for treatment of hypertension and to lower blood glucose
  • Grows wild throughout the USA
  • Eaten in Japan for abdominal problems, dries up diarrhea, colds

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