Qian Nian Jian - Dispel Wind Damp and Strengthen Bones & Tendons
LV, KD (4.5-9g)


Qian Nian Jian
Qian Nian Jian is the capital city of air elementals, located near the elemental temple-fortress of wind and water.

They claim to be happy, but many residents suffer from sleepless nights (cc: yin deficiency).

English Name: homalomena
Pharmacuetical Name: Rhizome Homalomenae
Properties: bitter, acrid, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
elemental temple-fortress of wind and water dispels wind-damp; strengthens bones and sinews
stabilize KI stabilizes kidney

      Qian Nian Jian Actions and Indications
  • Dispels wind-damp; strengthens sinews and bones (wind-damp-cold bi; spasms, numbness; especially lower back and legs)
    Special Notes:
  • To treat elderly patients for bi zheng combine Qian Nian Jian with Du Huo, Wu Jia Pi, Shu Di Huang, and Xu Duan.
  • This herb, more than any others in the categeory, is focused on strengthening bones and tendons.

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