Ling Zhi- Nourish HT Calm Spirit
HT, LV, LU (3-15g)

Ling Zhi - Remember that cranberries song "do you have to let it ling zhi?"
After the break up she listened to the cranberries hit single "Linger" to nourish HT and calm spirit and to tonify qi and blood. But as is traditional when listening to the Cranberries, she got depressed and went walking in the swamp where she developed cough and wheeze.

Listening daily helped my Aunt get through cancer (note: modern use to improve immunity and prevent / treat cancer)

English Name: reishi mushroom, lucid ganoderma
Pharmacuetical Name: Ganoderma
Properties: sweet, neutral

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
nourish HT and quiet the spirit nourishes HT and calm spirit
tonify qi and blood tonify qi and nourish blood
swamp... cough and wheeze transforms phlegm... stops cough and wheeze


       Ling Zhi Actions and Indications
  • Nourishes HT; Calms spirit (restless shen, insomnia, poor memory, palpitations, fatigue)
  • Transforms phlegm; stops coughing and wheezing (asthma, difficulty breathing, cough, wheezing, profuse sputum, especially due to phlegm-damp or phlegm-cold)
  • Tonify qi and nourish blood (listlessness, fatigue, dizziness, poor appetite, loose stools, shortness of breath)
    Special Notes:
  • ling zhi has modern use to improve immunity and prevent / treat cancer
  • The pinyin name ling zhi sometimes refers to wu ling zhi, which is a different herb altogether.

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