Gao Ben - Release Exterior: Wind Cold
UB, LV - (3-9g)


Gao Ben
- Batman and Gao Ben
Despite the freezing cold wind storm Batman and Gao Ben braved the damp-cold pain and sang in B flat! Gao Ben said "batman I have a terrible tai yang and jue yin headache, I'm going home!" Batman sighed because gao ben was being such a wussy - again...

Batman resolved to be more careful and get a new partner since little Gao Ben always seemed to have (cc: headaches due to blood or yin deficiency)

English Name: ligusticum, chinese ligusticum rhizome, jehlo ligusticum rhizome, Chinese lovage root
Pharmacuetical Name: Rhizoma Ligustici
Properties: acrid, warm

   Explanation of Key Words in this story...
freezing cold wind storm expels wind; disperses cold;
damp-cold pain; B flat disperse wind-cold-damp bi


      Gao Ben Actions and Indications
  • Expels wind; disperses cold (wind-cold syndrome, headache due to dampness use with chuan xiong and xi xin especially for tai yang and jue yin headaches)
  • Disperse wind-cold-damp bi (wind-cold-damp bi obstructing circulation)
  • (cc: headaches due to blood or yin deficiency)
    Special Notes:
  • Pharmacologically Gao Ben is an antibiotic and anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Frontal and migraine headaches, combine with xi xin, shi gao, and bai zhi

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