Bai Zhi - Release Exterior: Wind Cold
LU, ST - (3-9g)


Bai Zhi (White Bird - bai=white, zhi sounds like bird)

The little white bird opened his nasal passages and smelled pain on the wind. On the earth below he spied a crying old woman who was suffering from purulent sores and luekorrhea. "Let me get her some Bai Zhi to help dry damp and alleviate her discharge", thought the bird.

After the bird fetched the Bai Zhi for the old lady he warned her that overuse could cause (cc: blood or yin deficiency) and advised (cc: caution if pus drains smoothly from sores)

English Name: angelica, dahurican angelica root
Pharmaceutical Name: Radix Angelicae Dahuricae
Properties: acrid, warm

  Explanation of Key Words in this story...
nasal passages... pain... wind expels wind and damp... alleviates pain
crying... purulent sores reduces swelling, expels pus
dry damp... alleviate her discharge dries dampness, alleviates discharge


      Bai Zhi Actions and Indications
  • Expels wind; opens the nasal passages; alleviates pain (blocked nasal passages; pain along yangming channel on the face (supraorbital pain, toothache); external wind-cold with headache; any problem due to wind invading yangming channel of head, wind-cold or wind-heat when combined with other herbs)
  • Reduce swelling; expels pus (purulent infection of superficial area; furuncles, carbuncles: combine with clear heat herbs)
  • Dries Damp; Alleviates discharge (leukorrhea, usually due to damp-cold in the lower jiao: or can treat damp-heat leukorrhea with appropriate combination)
  • (cc: blood or yin deficiency)
  • (cc: caution if pus drains smoothly from sores)
    Other Notes:
  • Bai Zhi is a headache analgesic guiding to Yangming channels, but overdose can cause high blood pressure, slowed heart rate, increased depth of respiration, vomiting, and in severe cases can cause seizures and convulsions.

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